Paper Tape

Paper tapes are a great way to remove single use plastic from your packing process.


Welcome to Our Paper Tape Collection

Discover our extensive range of the best paper tapes for shipping, perfect for all your packaging needs. We have the perfect product for you if you need eco-friendly or secure packaging.


Explore Our Variety of Paper Tapes


Kraft Tape and Brown Kraft Tape

Strong and reliable, our kraft tape is ideal for heavy-duty packaging. It adheres well to all surfaces, making it a dependable choice for shipping and storage.


Self-Adhesive Paper Tape

Our self-adhesive tape is simple to use and seals packages fast without water. It provides a strong hold for your parcels.


Gummed Paper Tape

Our strong adhesive gummed paper tape sticks well and is secure. Activate it with water for a traditional seal. Perfect for heavy boxes and environmentally conscious packaging.


Eco-Friendly Paper Tape for Packaging

Our range includes recyclable, biodegradable, and eco conscious paper tapes that help you maintain sustainability in your packaging processes. Choose from materials that contribute to a healthier planet without compromising on quality.

Paper Masking Tape

Versatile and practical, our paper masking tape is perfect for tasks that require precision and clean removal. Ideal for painting and temporary repairs, this tape provides clean lines and easy removal without residue.


Maxpack Paper Packaging Tape

Maxpack stocks a large range of paper tape for secure packaging in our UK warehouse. Different types of paper packaging tape for different uses range from thin masking tape to thick brown paper tape. Brown paper packing tape looks great on kraft coloured boxes, while white paper parcel tape is perfect for white cartons.

Economy Self-Adhesive Paper Tape

We designed our economy self-adhesive paper tape to offer great value for everyday use. Ideal for light to medium-duty packaging tasks, this tape offers a reliable hold at a budget-friendly price. Our economy range makes it easy and affordable to pack up everyday items or organize storage.

Premium Self-Adhesive Paper Tape

If you need strong packaging, our high-quality self-adhesive paper tape is the best choice. This tape specifically engineers for critical packaging requirements, featuring enhanced adhesion and superior strength. Great for strong packaging, with a seal that keeps items safe during shipping and handling. Whether you need to ship fragile items or secure bulky packages, our premium tape delivers outstanding performance.


Why Choose Our Paper Tape?

  • Environmentally friendly: Our eco-friendly biodegradable paper tape for boxes reduces environmental impact and supports recycling initiatives.
  • We make our products to protect your items during shipping. We offer basic paper tape as well as reinforced tape for heavy-duty packaging.
  • Variety: We offer everything from brown paper tape to specialised paper parcel tape, catering to all packaging requirements.
  • Convenience: Buy paper tape online with ease from our UK-based e-commerce site. We provide fast delivery across the UK, ensuring you have the supplies you need when you need them.


How to Use Paper Tape for Packaging

For self-adhesive options, just peel and stick onto your package. Make sure the surface is clean and dry for best results.

To use gummed packing tape, wet the adhesive with water. You can do this using a tape dispenser or sponge. After wetting the adhesive, stick the tape on the box.


Tape Dispensers

You can use our self-adhesive tape with a handheld dispenser or automatic tape machines. You can use water-activated gummed tape with a manual dispenser or automatic taping machines. We suggest recycling cardboard and paper tape for the environment. They will break down quickly if composted instead.

Shop With Us

As paper tape suppliers in the UK, we guarantee high-quality products that meet your packaging needs. Browse our collection and order online today. Experience the perfect blend of quality, performance, and sustainability with our recyclable paper packing tape uk solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of tape do you offer?

We offer various types of paper tapes for packaging. These include Kraft tape, self-adhesive packing tape, gummed packing tape, and eco-friendly brown Kraft tape. Our range caters to both economy and premium requirements.

Can I use paper tape for eco-friendly packaging?

We make our eco-friendly parcel tape from sustainable resources and it is fully recyclable. Ideal for securing parcels and cartons while supporting your environmental goals.

How do I choose the right packaging tape for shipping?

We recommend using our strong premium packaging tape or reinforced tape for shipping. This will help ensure that your packages stay safe during transit.

Is your tape recyclable?

We make our paper packing tape from materials that are recyclable. You can recycle them along with your waste cardboard or other paper products.

Where can I buy paper packing tape online in the UK?

You can purchase our tapes directly from our website. We have a variety of products available for purchase.

We have different types of paper packaging tape for sale. We can deliver next day in the West Midlands, North West, and North Wales. For the rest of the UK, delivery takes 3-5 days.

What is the difference between self-adhesive and gummed tape?

Self-adhesive tape with a pressure-sensitive adhesive allows for direct application. Gummed tape needs water to stick well and is great for heavy packages because it creates a strong bond.

Can I use paper packing tape for items other than packaging?

Our brown and kraft paper tape are ideal for picture framing. They have a strong adhesive that lasts a long time.

Do you offer paper tape suitable for painting and masking?

We design our paper masking tape for clean lines and easy removal. Perfect for painting and temporary fixes, it won’t leave any residue behind.

How can I ensure the best adhesion when using paper tape?

Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free from dust or oil. For gummed paper tape, activate the adhesive with the appropriate amount of water and apply evenly. For self-adhesive tapes, apply firm pressure to secure the tape.

Do you provide dispensers for paper tape?

We have tape dispensers for different types of paper tape. These include manual and automatic options for water-activated tapes. We also have handheld dispensers for self-adhesive tapes.