Paper Masking Tape

Paper tape is a paper-based product predominantly used to seal and secure parcels and cartons, but can also be used to mask off areas to protect them from paint. The adhesive used is a coating of either a pressure sensitive adhesive such as acrylic, hot melt or solvent, or a gummed adhesive that is activated by water.


Maxpack Paper Packaging Tape

Maxpack has a large range of paper tapes in stock at our UK warehouse. From narrow, light duty masking tape to wide heavy duty, strong, brown paper tape, there is a paper packaging tape to suit every application. Brown paper packing tape looks great on kraft coloured boxes, whilst white paper parcel tape is perfect for white cartons.

Heavy duty premium paper tape and reinforced paper tape are both ideal choices for large or heavy parcels that require extra strong tape that is made from sustainable paper. Premium brown paper tape can also be used as framing tape and is perfect for picture framers looking for a long lasting paper tape that sticks to the back of pictures and other artwork.

If you are within our region of the West Midlands, North West or North Wales and are looking to bulk buy paper tape or masking tape in the UK, our products can be ordered up until 4pm on working days, with the goods dispatched the same day for next day delivery. We provide the rest of mainland UK with a fast 3-5 day service on all our paper tapes that we have in stock. If you are not sure which paper packaging tape will work for your application, you can use the contact us form and one of our local team will be pleased to discuss our range in detail.


Eco-Friendly Paper Tape

If you are looking for a sustainable way to seal and secure your parcels or cartons, paper tape is the perfect option. It is made using paper from a sustainable source and can be 100% recycled with your waste cardboard or other paper products. We have a great range of dispensers that make using paper tape simple and an efficient choice for sealing parcels in a way that eliminates single-use plastics.


Paper Tape Dispensers

Self adhesive paper tape can be used in a hand held dispenser or via an automatic paper tape machine, whilst water activated paper tape can be used through a manual dispenser or auto paper tape machines. Although we recommend recycling as the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of cardboard and paper tape, it will, however, naturally compost quite quickly. If you are unsure which paper packaging tape will work for your application, you can contact our local team who will be pleased to discuss our paper tape range in more detail.