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Supplier Of P.C. Net™ In The UK and Europe.

In 2019 we launched a product in the UK that eliminates the need for single-use shrink wrap when transporting and storing goods at height, whilst keeping employee and customers safety in mind. It is particularly useful for internal pallet movements and closed loop delivery networks. This product comes at a perfect time as the world begins to take responsibility for the consumption of single-use plastic.

What Is Behind P.C. ?

Is P.C. An Abbreviation For 'Politically Correct' ?

The P.C. of P.C. Net™ came from ‘Pallet Containment’. We think P.C. Net™ is a nice short, memorable name for this new product.

Why Was It Important?

Why Did We Launch It?

We have been working on the launch of our P.C. Net™ for nearly two years. We feel it is important to introduce environmentally friendly, reusable product to reduce plastic in our world.

Did you know that humans have made enough plastic since the Second World War to coat the entire world with stretch wrap? We at Maxpack are passionate about doing our part to help reduce unnecessary waste.

1200x1000mm Pallet Nets

Do they work?

Applications And Suitability.

The P.C. Net™ have been received very well in the marketplace with companies such as Amazon, Fonterra, DHL, Bunzl, Nestle and supermarket D.C.s, We now supply to a wide range of industries, from coffee supplies, keeping large coffee sacks secure on pallets to cheesemakers, keeping goods secure in chillers. Internal pallet movements around DCs is another use to avoid wrapping and re-wrapping.

What Are The Benefits?

How Do They Compare?

With the cambuckle tie downs on the top, the P.C. Net™ can adjust up to 400mm in height so removing product is easy while keeping the rest of the products safe on the pallet Simply loosen tiedown, pull side of the net down the side – take off one box or more from your pallet. Pull the net back into position, tighten straps and your goods are secured again–no need to re-wrap with more plastic. It only takes you having to re-wrap a pallet about 3-4 times before the P.C. Net™ starts saving you money as they can be reused time and again for 3 to 5 years depending on the application.

Reusable pallet nets

The How To

Application And Removal

You simply pull down the P.C. Net™ over your goods. Secure to the bottom of the pallet with supplied snap hooks. Tighten the cambuckle tiedowns. P.C. Net™ do not take up much room when not in use. Simple follow install / removal instructions. They fold up to a small parcel. Store your spare P.C. Net™ in a small, safe, clean area.

PC Net Maxpack

Will They Fit?

Stock Sizes And Bespoke.

P.C. Net™ come in three pallet sizes – Euro ( 0.8m x 1.2m ), 1.0m x 1.2m & 1.2m x 1.2m. With five available heights – 1.8m, 1.6m, 1.4m, 1.0m, 0.500mm. They are all colour coded for ease of size recognition. Custom sizes are available for specific requirements, MOQ’s will apply.

1200x1000mm Pallet Nets

Near And Far

Coverage And Delivery.

We currently ship the P.C. Net™ Pallet Containments nets throughout the UK and Europe and our partner Gaprie Ltd, the manufacturer, ships to N.Z, Australia, U.S.A.

1200x1000mm Pallet Nets

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Reusable Pallet Nets

Reusable pallet nets are a pallet containment solution that is an alternative to plastic pallet wrap.


Pallet Nets from Maxpack

We have a range of reusable pallet nets to secure palletised goods that can be used many times over to reduce or eliminate the use of single use plastic. These nets are a reusable pallet wrap that are easy to apply and can be opened to pick from and easily taken off the pallet to be stored for reuse.


Reduce Single Use Plastic with Reusable Pallet Nets

These nets can be used in closed loop operations and for internal pallet movements and will save considerable amounts of unnecessary single-use plastic.