Padded Mailing Bags

Padded mailing bags combine a protective skin with extra internal padding giving valuable or fragile items extra protection during transit.



Padded Mailing Bags

Padded mail bags are bags used for postage or shipping by courier that have more than one layer and use a padded material to offer greater protection for expensive or fragile items during delivery. They are also known as padded envelopes, padded or cushioned mailers or (UK) jiffy bags which are envelope type bags that incorporate protective padding to protect items during shipping. The padding is usually thick paper, bubble wrap, or foam


Eco-Friendly Padded Bags

Our range of Jiffy padded bags are made from strong kraft paper with recycled paper padding, making them 100% recyclable in paper waste streams. Our other all-paper padded mailing bags offer lightweight, eco-friendly protection, can still be reused and show to the consumer that you are doing everything possible to be more sustainable and reduce single-use plastic packaging.


Small and Large Bubble Bags from Maxpack

Traditional padded mailing bags are often called jiffy bags, named after the UK company Jiffy Packaging, who has made them since the 1950’s. They are also associated with speed; ‘in a jiffy’, after the company Jiffy Lube -, an American company that has been promising speedy oil changes, hence the name, since 1971. At Maxpack, we stock a range of bubble bags in different strengths and a range of sizes, from small lightweight jiffy bags through to large heavy duty jiffy padded bags.