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Ryan Leader

Ryan Leader
29 June 2021

Pallet Net – The Alternative To Palletwrap

The P.C. Net™ is a reusable and robust alternative for securing products to pallets for storage and safe transport, removing the need for pallet wrap and reducing plastic waste and disposal costs.

Using P.C. Net™ will allow your company to become more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly. They are easily pulled down around your product, then secured to the bottom of the pallet. The elasticated edging ensures a tight fit all around to keep product from moving. The P.C. Net™ can be reduced up to 500mm of height reduction (i.e. when some products are removed from the pallet and remaining stock need to be contained) The P.C. Net™ comes in three different pallet sizes, to suit most markets. They are colour coded for easy recognition of sizes and heights.

P.C. Net™

Alternative to Single Use Plastic Palletwrap

Using P.C. Nets will help your company become more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly.

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Benefits of P.C. Net™

Returnable & Reusable
End of Life Recyclable
No Waste Disposal Costs
Elasticated Edging
Multiple Sizes
Quicker Than Pallet Wrap
Improves Your Carbon Profile
Less Damage in Transit
Contains Product During Potential Tip Over

We Know The Jobs You’re Looking To Do Include:

Secure products to a pallet for safe storage at any height within pallet racking. Pallets may need to be accessed to take one or more carton or product from the pallet and the pallet secured again for further storage.

Stabilise and secure products to a pallet during transit.

We Know The Challenges & Issues You’ll Face Include:

Wrapping pallets by hand with pallet wrap can be a tiring process.

Wrapping pallets with pallet wrap creates waste packaging which either gets put into landfill and doesn’t break down, goes into the environment along hedges, on verges, in rivers and even oceans.

Even it gets sorted to waste recycling, loose pallet wrap is not an easy product to successfully recycle.

The plastic tax will mean that traditional pallet wrap costs will rise considerably due to it not having at least 30% recycled content.

P.C. Net™ is a revolutionary alternative to existing pallet wrapping that aligns with the serious environmental strategies of today’s large organisations. They will avoid the Plastics Tax due to be implemented in 2021 and they bring with them reductions in costs and elimination of plastic waste.

Steve Maxim
Business Development

How P.C. Net™ Solves Those Problems:

The P.C. Net™ is designed and manufactured as a cost-effective, re-usable, alternative to traditional methods for pallet containment. They are a robust and secure netting system that replaces the need for single-use plastic shrink/stretch wrap to secure your product onto pallets. Our P.C. Net™ will contribute to your company becoming more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly. As the P.C. Net™ are reusable, they will quickly see your business saving money. They eliminate the costs associated with disposing of used plastic film. As well as the time and efficiency you can gain when staff don’t have to replace stretch wrap every time any product is taken off pallets. They simply pull down the P.C. Net™, take the required cartons/product off, and replace the P.C. Net™ to secure the pallet again.

Contact a member of our team today, to discuss how using the P.C. Net™ will reduce your company’s costs & improve your carbon footprint:

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