Site Safety Supplies

Range of products to help keep you and those around you safe whilst at work.



Site Safety Supplies

Site safety equipment is crucial to ensure your workers’ overall health and safety at the workplace. Site safety equipment (formally personal protective equipment) is specifically designed to decrease the number of preventable accidents on job sites. Before choosing safety equipment for your workplace, it is important to consider whether it suits your needs and offers workers the right level of protection.

If you’re looking for reliable safety equipment suppliers in the UK, Maxpack has covered you. We offer a broad collection of site safety supplies to make your work more manageable and efficient at job sites.

Distancing Screening

Maxpack, a safety equipment supplier, offers a broad range of distancing screenings such as Eco Distancing Booth Screening, Eco Distancing Screening, and Eco Distancing Side Screening.

Floor Marking Tape

At Maxpack, you can find a great collection of floor marking tapes, including blur floor tape, yellow floor tape, and black and yellow floor tape. Our tapes are highly durable and can be used for floor marking in sports and lane identification.

De-Icing Salt

De-icing salt is the most common product to prevent ice from forming on roads, driveways, and sidewalks. Along with de-icing salt, we offer a handful of other useful equipment for shoveling snow.

Features of our Site Safety Supplies

Our floor marking tapes are highly durable, visible, and tear-resistant
Highlight important areas
Our cure-shaped snow shoveling tools can quickly clear snow from access routes