Safety Knives



Swan-Neck Safety Knife

The swan-neck safety knife consists of a concealed blade that makes it perfect for opening a range of different types of packaging. There is a hole in the knife’s handle, enabling the knife to be easily attached to the user with a lanyard, ensuring it is always ready when needed.


Benefits of Safety Cutting Knives from Maxpack

  • Easy to install and use
  • Highly durable
  • Reduces the risk of injury in the workplace
  • Perfect for cutting polythene packaging and film
  • Cost-effective cutting solution

Contact the sellers of Maxpack to learn more about our safety utility knives. 


Multi-Purpose Safety Carton Opener

Our multi-purpose safety knife has an ergonomic grip handle, blunt metal nose, and hook metal blade. The Encore EP-225 is a great option for package opening and tape cutting without having a long exposed blade which can be more dangerous for the user. 


Replacement Blades for Right and Left Handed Safety Knives

Our RB/SNR blades are designed for left and right-handed retractable safety knives. We supply them with ten blades in a pack, offering a much cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to buying new knives.