Edge and Corner Protection

Corner protection or edge protection is used to protect fragile products during shipping or in storage. These fragile areas of products are the most likely to get damaged in transit and often result in excessive returns and extra costs. To prevent corner damage and poor consumer experience on products like furniture, worktops, picture frames, mirrors, timber, equipment and other vulnerable products it is important to ensure that there is sufficient protection added before despatch. The corners of boxes on pallets can also be strengthened to prevent crushing and damage when being wrapped or during delivery.

Soft Cushioning Corner Protection

Soft cushioning corner and edge protection is ideal for products that might crack or shatter if they are impacted. The soft material will cushion the impact and reduce the likelihood of breakages. These can be made of foam, engineered paper or corrupad type material.

Hard, Impact-Proof Edge Protection

Edge protection made of harder materials is ideal for support and protection of tougher products that need extra strength, surface protection or stiffening support. Solid edge guard is also great for increasing the stacking strength of pallets and to prevent cartons from being crushed when stacked.

Buying Corner Protection From Maxpack

Maxpack has a range of corner protection in stock, produced in bulk quantity and available to buy in small or large quantity. We provide next day delivery to our region which includes the West Midlands, the North West and North Wales. The rest of the UK enjoys a 3 – 5 day service on all our 1400+ packaging products we hold in stock. You can order online, by phone 01743 242900 or by email [email protected]