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Neil Plant

Neil Plant
27 April 2022

4 Good Reasons To Switch To Gummed Paper Tape

Gummed Paper Tape, also know as WAT or Water Activated Tape, is the ideal alternative to single use plastic tapes. Using secure sealing, environmentally sustainable tape will save on wastage, improve your unboxing experiences and reduce your carbon footprint.

Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser
Gummed paper tape performs well on all cardboard grades and creates a permanent seal when applied. It is also fully compostable and uses water-based water activated adhesive.


1. Strength & Tamper-Evidence

One strip of brown gummed paper tape is enough to seal a parcel securely. In comparison, packers can often use several strips of plastic tape to secure a box. When wet and applied to your package, the tape creates a secure bond, strengthening the parcel and seal. Increased product protection means more minor damages during transit and handling, removing unwanted costs for damaged goods or returns.

Gummed paper tape cannot be resealed, making it obvious if someone has tampered with your parcel. The tape is also hard to remove, making it a theft deterrent.

2. Sustainable Paper Tape

Brown gummed paper tape is compostable and 100% recyclable packaging tape, needing only a single strip required to seal, making it the ideal replacement for standard packing tape.

3. Opening Experience

Cartons sealed with gummed paper tape have a professional, neat finish. The tape can also be printed with your branding or a personalised message to heighten the opening experience and promote your brand or product.

4. Increased Packer Productivity

Gummed paper tape requires a dispenser; using our AquaTEK™ Electric Automatic Dispenser will help you pack quicker, with less wastage. Pre-set length buttons can be selected to dispense the right amount of tape for your carton. It speeds up the sealing of your cartons and provides a secure tamper-evident closure that reduces pilferage and cuts down on single-use plastic.

As well as it being a more environmentally friendly way of carton sealing, brown gummed paper tape is also recyclable; making your overall tape dispensing more environmentally sustainable.

Steve Maxim
Business Development

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