Twine & Ties

Discover our extensive range of Twine & Ties, perfect for securing, bundling, and fixing your products with care. Our versatile polypropylene twine is flexible and ideal for various applications, from securing tubes to tying hay bales. Our durable cable and zip ties offer high tensile strength, making them perfect for bundling and fixing items together efficiently. Whether you need twine or ties for industrial or everyday use, we provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.

  • Cable Ties & Zip Ties

    Cable Ties & Zip Ties

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  • Kraft Paper Cable Ties 225mm 100 per pack


    Kraft Paper Cable Ties 225mm 100 per pack

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  • Polypropylene Twine

    Polypropylene Twine

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Twine & Ties Fasteners

Twine and ties are ideal for securing and bundling products without damaging them. Polypropylene tying twine is flexible and used for many applications, from securing bundles of tubes to tying around hay bales. Twine and ties resist abrasive surfaces well and provide optimal convenience when bundling products together. 

If you’re looking for zip ties or cable ties to buy in bulk, Maxpack can provide you with the best possible options. We are committed to helping you source high-quality protective packaging solutions at affordable prices, and having been in the market for years, we know that our customers are our most important assets.

At Maxpack, you can find top-quality bulk cable ties, poly twine, polypropylene twine string, and cable ties at wholesale prices. We have a team of professionals with expertise and deep knowledge in their specific fields who are determined to develop innovative sealing and environmentally friendly solutions.


Cable Ties & Zip Ties

Our high-quality multipurpose cable and zip ties are designed for bundling, tying, or fixing your products together and securing them in place. They have high tensile strength and are easy to apply, making them a great solution for securing and fixing your products. Our zip ties offer a cost-effective solution for securing objects of various lengths and sizes, with our range including different lengths and thicknesses. We supply a variety of black cable ties and natural cable ties depending on your requirements.


Polypropylene Twine

Our polypropylene twine is an extremely durable and lightweight product that offers efficient tying services for any application. This product is water-resistant and flexible, and is designed to secure pallets and any loose packages. It can be hand applied or used in machines such as baling machines to apply the twine quickly and consistently.


Benefits of Twine and Ties from Maxpack

  • Economical fixing, bundling, binding and tying solutions
  • Water and heat resistant 
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Can be reused to reduce single-use plastic
  • Fast and effective binding 

Contact Maxpack’s customer support team if you want to order bulk cable ties at affordable rates.