Strapping Machines

Our selection of automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines meets all your packaging needs. Securely package everything from small parcels to large pallets with ease. These machines are designed to enhance efficiency, ensuring reliability and durability in your packaging process. Explore versatile options, from user-friendly semi-automatic machines to high-speed automatic strapping machines, perfect for various industrial applications.

  • Semi-Auto Strapping Machine + FREE Roll of PaperStrap™
    Service, Repairs & Rental Available


    Semi-Auto Strapping Machine + FREE Roll of PaperStrap™

    £895.00 (ex VAT)

  • TRS600 Auto Strapping M/C 12 mm
    Service, Repairs & Rental Available


    TRS600 Auto Strapping M/C 12 mm

    £3,750.00 (ex VAT)

  • TMS300 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine
    Service, Repairs & Rental Available


    TMS300 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

    £895.00 (ex VAT)

  • TRS600-12L Auto Strapping Machine
    Service, Repairs & Rental Available


    TRS600-12L Auto Strapping Machine

    £6,409.00 (ex VAT)

  • TP-602MV Pallet Strapping Machine
    Service, Repairs & Rental Available


    TP-602MV Pallet Strapping Machine

    £6,995.00 (ex VAT)

  • TP-702-12 Automatic Strapping Machine
    Service, Repairs & Rental Available


    TP-702-12 Automatic Strapping Machine

    £5,995.00 (ex VAT)

  • TP-502MVB Mobile Pallet Strapping Machine
    Service, Repairs & Rental Available


    TP-502MVB Mobile Pallet Strapping Machine

    £4,495.00 (ex VAT)

  • StraPack JK-5000 Auto Strapping Machine 850x600mm Arch Size
    Service, Repairs & Rental Available


    StraPack JK-5000 Auto Strapping Machine 850x600mm Arch Size

  • TP-502MVB Mobile Pallet Strapping Machine
    Service, Repairs & Rental Available


    TP-502MHB Pallet Strapping Machine

    £5,995.00 (ex VAT)

Discover our comprehensive range of Strapping Machines

Our range of automatic and semi automatic strapping machines meets all your packaging needs. Our strapping solutions make it easy to securely package anything from small parcels to large pallets.

Our extensive product range includes everything from versatile automatic strapping machines to robust pallet strapping machines, suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Craft each machine to enhance efficiency in your packaging processes, ensuring reliability and durability.


Automatic Strapping Machines

Ideal for high-volume packing environments, our automatic machines provide consistent and reliable strapping. This category features both standard and high-speed automatic machines, ideal for fast, repetitive strapping to boost productivity.

We offer a variety of automatic strapping machines from top brands. These brands include Transpack, Cyklop, Orgapack, Signode, Strapex, Mosca, Evolve, and Optimax.

Our machines are extremely quick and simple to use once set up. On the automatic strapping machines, you just need to push the button or press the foot pedal to apply strapping to your chosen packages.

The machine’s fully automatic versions can detect parcels and start the strapping cycle on their own. This feature offers a fast and efficient packing solution. You can also add automatic conveyors to seamlessly integrate the machine into your packing line for fully automated packing.

TP-502MHB Pallet Strapping Machine
TP-502MHB Pallet Strapping Machine


Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

Our low level semi-automatic banding machines are excellent for smaller operations that require flexibility without the expense of a fully automatic system. These machines are user-friendly and an economical choice for businesses stepping up from manual strapping solutions.

We offer a range of semi-automatic machines, including TMS Optimax, Strapak, Gordian and Transpack cabinet strapping machines. Our semi-auto strapping machines require a little more involvement from the operator than automatic products. Feed the strap around the parcel and back into the machine to trigger the strapping cycle.

TP-502MHB Pallet Strapping Machine
TP-502MHB Pallet Strapping Machine


Pallet Strapping Machines

We engineer our pallet strapping machines to streamline the packaging process in your warehouse or distribution center. Our strong machines are great for securely holding large loads on pallets. This ensures that the loads stay stable and safe during storage and transportation.

Businesses such as factories and shipping companies use these machines. They can handle tough strapping jobs quickly and help save money on labor costs.

Our pallet strapping machines make it easy to use and allow for adjustment with a simple switch. This makes them safe for operators and helps reduce the risk of injury. The strapping machine has manual and auto tension modes to easily adjust to different strapping needs. This saves you from bending down to feed the strapping under the pallet and using manual tools.


Specialised Strapping Machines

Cater to specific materials with our specialised equipment, including polypropylene strapping machines, poly strapping machines, and paper strapping machines. Each machine handles different strap materials, allowing you to customise it to fit your packaging needs.


Industry-Specific Solutions


Pallet Banding Machines

Secure and stabilise your pallets with our robust pallet banding machines, designed to keep your goods safe during transit. Ideal for warehouse and freight applications, these machines help reduce shipping damages.


Parcel Banding

For lighter, more delicate packages, our parcel banding options offer a gentle yet secure strapping method. Perfect for e-commerce businesses that handle a vast array of package sizes and types


Plastic and Box Strapping Machines

Our plastic strapping machines are great for heavier goods because they’re strong and durable. Our box strapping machines specifically keep boxed products safe and secure.


Why choose our strapping machines?

We have different types of strapping machines available. These include automatic and manual options. Designers create them to meet the specific needs of various industries. Our machines aim to improve speed and efficiency.

Our strong strapping machines are long-lasting and can handle heavy use. This makes them a smart investment for businesses that value secure and reliable packaging.

Using the latest advancements in packaging technology, our machines offer precision strapping for various applications, ensuring consistent quality and performance.


Customised solutions for every business need

Understanding that each business has unique requirements, we offer customised solutions that cater to different functioning scales and industries. We can help small businesses with affordable packaging solutions and large enterprises with high-speed strapping systems. Our expertise and equipment can improve your efficiency.


Ease of use and maintenance

Our strapping machines perform well and have a design that makes them easy to use. Simple controls and clear instructions reduce training time and increase productivity. Additionally, our machines require minimal maintenance, ensuring they continue to operate smoothly over time, reducing downtime and keeping your business moving forward.


Environmentally conscious packaging options

Our machines use eco-friendly strapping materials such as paper and biodegradable poly straps to promote sustainable practices. This allows your business to reduce its environmental impact while maintaining the integrity and security of your packaged products.


Comprehensive support and service

When you choose our strapping machines, you also gain a partner dedicated to providing comprehensive support. From installation and training to after-sales service, our team is here to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Our experts are just a call away, ready to assist with any questions or issues that may arise.


Explore our range today

Browse our extensive range of strapping machines today to find the perfect fit for your business needs. You can trust us to provide the best packaging options. We dedicate ourselves to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to make sure our customers are happy. Enhance your packaging operations, reduce costs, and boost your productivity with our advanced strapping machines. Join the many businesses that have streamlined their packaging process through our dependable and cutting-edge equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an automatic strapping machine?

An automatic strapping machine speeds up the packaging process by applying straps to secure packages automatically. These machines are ideal for high-volume settings, enhancing productivity and consistency in securing goods.

How does a pallet strapping machine differ from other banding machines?

A pallet strapping machine specifically straps large and heavy loads on pallets. It ensures stability and safety during storage and transportation, making it essential for industries handling large volumes of goods.

Can I use a plastic strapping machine for all types of products?

Plastic strapping machines offer flexibility and can handle a variety of products. They are particularly useful for heavier goods, as plastic straps are strong and durable.

What are the benefits of using a semi-automatic strapping machine?

Businesses that want a balance between cost and ease of use may consider semi-automatic machines. These machines could be a good option for those businesses. They are ideal for those who prioritize efficiency and ease of use over the speed of fully automatic systems.

Are there environmentally friendly options for strapping machines?

Many machines can use eco-friendly materials such as biodegradable poly straps and paper straps. This helps businesses reduce their environmental impact while still ensuring secure packaging.

What should I consider when choosing between a manual and an automatic strapping machine?

Consider your volume of packaging, the labor you can allocate, and the speed you require. Manual machines are a more cost-effective option and are ideal for smaller production volumes. On the other hand, automatic machines are better suited for larger volumes and require less manual effort.

How do high-speed automatic strapping machines enhance productivity?

High-speed automatic strapping machines operate at faster speeds, significantly reducing the time it takes to secure packages. This leads to increased throughput and is ideal for operations requiring quick turnarounds.

What is a polypropylene strapping machine used for?

A polypropylene strapping machine uses polypropylene straps, which are ideal for lighter to medium-duty applications. Various industries commonly use these machines, including food processing, manufacturing, and warehousing.

Do parcel banding machines work for all sizes of packages?

Yes, parcel banding machines are versatile and can adjust to strap various package sizes securely. They are particularly useful in e-commerce and postal services, where package dimensions vary widely.

What maintenance does a box banding machine require?

To keep a box banding machine working well, you should regularly check the tension. Clear any debris from the strap feed. Replace worn parts when needed. Proper maintenance ensures the machine operates efficiently and prolongs its lifespan.