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Dan Beaman

Dan Beaman
14 July 2022

How to: Use gummed paper tape with an auto taping machine

This video will demonstrate how to use gummed paper tape with an auto machine to seal your boxes.

Begin by setting the machine up, first ensuring there is water in the reservoir, then switching on the power.

Next, load the gummed paper tape: putting the roll in the back of the machine and bringing the tape through guides and to the front of the dispenser.

To operate the machine, press the relevant button to the required length of tape. For example, if you want a piece of tape 45 cm long for a 34 cm box: press the 45 button, take off the prepared piece of tape, and seal your carton.

The best way to secure your parcel is to close the side flaps first, then adhere your piece of tape to the long flap closest to you.

Ryan Leader
Business Development Manager

Then bring the far flap down and push the flap nearest you down to complete the closure. For extra security you can also ‘H’ tape the carton with paper tape on the 2 short sides.

Be sure to clear any slivers of paper tape regularly to prevent the machine getting clogged up.

Don’t turn the temperature up too high as this can lead to glue drying in the dispenser; making it more likely that the machine will jam.

To clear a jam, use some narrow pliers to clear any tape, then clean the dispenser with a warm, damp cloth.


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