Packing Tape

Discover our extensive range of packing tapes designed to meet all your shipping and packaging needs. Our high-performance, durable packing tapes ensure your packages are securely sealed and protected. Whether you require EcoTEK Packing Tape for sustainability, waterproof options for added protection, or vibrant multi-colour tapes for branding, we have the right solution. Trust Maxpack for reliable, heavy-duty packing tape that keeps your parcels safe during transit. Browse our selection today and secure your shipments with confidence.

  • Brown Packing Tape

    Brown Packing Tape

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  • Clear Packing Tape

    Clear Packing Tape

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  • Coloured Packing Tape

    Coloured Packing Tape

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  • EcoTEK™ Ocean Packing Tape

    EcoTEK™ Ocean Packing Tape

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  • Printed Message Packing Tape

    Printed Message Packing Tape

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Premium Packing Tape for All Your Shipping Needs

Explore our extensive selection of heavy duty packing tapes at Maxpack, designed for superior performance and reliability. Our parcel tape is good for businesses and people, making sure your packages are safely sealed and protected when shipping. Discover the right tape for your packaging, such as EcoTEK Packing Tape, waterproof packing tape or durable multi-color options.

Packing tape, also called parcel tape or box sealing tape, is important for keeping packages safe during shipping and storage. We have tapes made from different materials like vinyl, PVC, polypropylene, BOPP, polyester, and paper. We choose each material for its special properties to meet packaging needs.

Our tapes stick well because they use strong adhesives like solvent, hot melt, rubber, acrylic, and water-activated gum. This makes sure they stay sealed and bonded in any situation.

Choose Your Tape

  • Vinyl and PVC Tapes: Robust and weather-resistant, perfect for heavy-duty applications.
  • Polypropylene Tapes: Excellent for clarity and longevity, ideal for storage.
  • Polyester Tapes: Provides unparalleled strength for the heaviest parcels.
  • EcoTEK Paper Tapes: Our sustainable choice, strong yet fully recyclable. This tape features a smaller 25mm core, significantly reducing waste and environmental impact, while offering a high-performance seal.


Colour and Message Options

Select from a wide range of coloured packing tape including clear, white, red, blue, green, black, yellow and brown tape to match your packaging aesthetics. We have printed parcel tapes for sale. These include fragile packing tape and tapes with messages like “Handle with Care” and “This Way Up.” These tapes can help make your packages safer and more visible.

Maxpack Packing Tape

At Maxpack, we have a wide variety of environmentally friendly carton sealing tapes for all packing needs. We have narrow tape for small boxes and wide tape for large shipments. If you want your packaging to look consistent, we have brown parcel tape for kraft boxes. If you prefer clarity, we also have clear tape for white or colored parcels.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Tape

Our EcoTEK packaging tape has a smaller core and is made from recycled materials. This helps to reduce waste and lower your carbon footprint. Recyclable within appropriate waste streams, helping you and your business contribute to environmental conservation.

Secure your parcels with confidence using our high-quality adhesive tapes and tape dispensers. Browse our complete range today to find strong packing tape for shipping. With fast UK delivery and unmatched customer service, Maxpack is your go-to source for all UK packing supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between polypropylene packing tape and PVC packing tape?

Polypropylene tape is typically more affordable and excellent for general packing needs due to its flexibility and strong adhesion. PVC tape offers superior strength and durability, making it ideal for heavy-duty packaging and shipping requirements.

Can we recycle packing tape?

Certain types of packing tape can be recycled, depending on the materials used. Paper tapes are generally recyclable along with cardboard boxes. You should remove tapes made from plastics like PVC or BOPP from boxes before recycling the box itself.

What should I look for in eco-friendly packing tape?

Choose packing tape made from recycled materials, eco-friendly substances, or water-activated adhesive to help the environment. Our EcoTEK packing tape, for instance, has a smaller core to reduce waste and is made from recycled content.

What are the advantages of using printed packing tape?

Printed packing tape not only secures your packages but also enhances your brand visibility. It can show instructions like “Fragile” or “Handle with Care,” or messages and logos for marketing.

Is there a standard size for packing tape?

Packing tape typically comes in several widths, with 48mm (about 2 inches) being the most common. However, the size needed can vary based on the package size and weight. Our range includes everything from narrow, light-duty tape to wide, heavy-duty tape.

w does the core size of a packing tape roll affect usage?

The core size can impact the amount of tape on the roll and the size of dispensers that can be used. Smaller cores, like our 25mm EcoTEK tape, allow more tape per roll, which can reduce frequency of changes and decrease waste.

What colour packing tape should I use?

You can choose the color of packing tape to match the branding or for practical purposes. Brown or clear tapes are good for packaging, while red or blue tapes can help identify or prioritize shipments.

How strong is paper packing tape compared to synthetic materials?

Paper packing tape is extremely strong because of its reinforced design and water-activated adhesive. It is just as strong as many synthetic tapes. Particularly popular for its environmental benefits and for securing lightweight to medium-weight packages.

Can we use packing tape for international shipments?

Yes, packing tape is suitable for international shipments. Choose a good quality tape that can handle different temperatures and rough handling. We recommend using reinforced tapes or those with strong adhesives like hot melt or solvent for added security.