Polyester Strapping

PET, or Polyester, is an extruded strap made from melted PET which is extruded and pressed through a forming tool, cooled and then coiled. It has a much higher memory or tension retention, making it suitable for much heavier and demanding applications such as building materials and timber. Polyester strap is also made with a high content of recycled material which means it is a more responsible choice of banding


Woven Polyester Strapping

Woven Polyester, also known as cordstrap or corded strap, is a low stretch, high tensile, cost-effective alternative to steel banding. Cross-woven strands of polyester yarn are coated with cold glue which improves the strap’s rigidity and system strength. This composite woven strap prevents splits or tears along its length and will also maintain tension over long periods of time. Woven polyester strapping is also widely used as a bale strap in waste baling machines, also known as balers.


Maxpack Polyester Strapping from Maxpack

Maxpack offers a range of polyester banding products to give you peace of mind when securing your loads. It is much easier to handle than methods using a metal strap, which reduces the risk of injury when strapping or opening the straps on your pallets or load.