Masks & Face Coverings

Range of face coverings to assist in the protection of yourself and those around you



Masks & Face Coverings

Wearing masks and face coverings is one of the most important things you can do to slow the spread of germs and viruses in the workplace. The fabric layers of masks work as a filter to protect you and your workers from harmful viruses. Masks prevent droplets from traveling from one individual to another by covering your face and nose. The wholesale medical face masks and coverings have been used in healthcare settings for decades to prevent the transfer of spray, splashes, and droplets.

If you want bulk face masks at affordable rates, Maxpack has a range of options for you. You will find a wide range of wholesale face masks UK. All bulk masks at Maxpack are fully certified and have fluid penetration resistance.

Type IIR Face Masks

Our Type IIR face masks are highly popular in the medical, transport, cleaning, retail, and food preparation industries. These three-ply disposable face masks provide synthetic fluid penetration resistance.

FFP2 Face Masks

Our high-quality FFP2 face masks provide top-grade protection to protect you from harmful contamination.

Non-Medical Face Covering

Our wholesale face coverings are washable for multiple uses and offer a high level of filtration against droplets and splashes.

Protective Face Visor

Our protective face visors cover your entire face to reduce the spread of germs.

Features of our Face Masks

Adjustable strap
Offer synthetic fluid penetration resistance
Fully certified