Pallet Wrapping Machines

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Pallet Wrap Machines

With the widespread use of technology, we’ve seen a momentous change in how companies package their products. A few years back, most shipping and wrapping processes were slow and laboriously done by hand. Nowadays, advanced and equipped machines handle shipping and wrapping processes that make these processes easier and faster than ever before.

Pallet wrap machines and shrink wrap machines are revolutionary pieces of equipment for packaging. These machines are designed to ultimately provide extra protection to your shipped products, but can also boost your production levels. For reliable pallet wrap machines, Maxpack is proud to stock a diverse range of shrink wrap pallet machines.


Robopac Ecoplat FRD

Robopac is an excellent wrapping machine for small and medium-sized operations. It comes with a heavy-duty 4400-pound capacity and can wrap up 10 to 15 loads per hour. 


Robopac Masterplat PGS 250%

Robopac Masterplat is an economically viable wrapping machine made from high-strength steel and finished with anti-corrosion paint. It is one of the fastest pallet stretch wrapping machines, wrapping 30 to 45 loads per hour. 


Ramp for Robopac Machine

The ramp for the Robopac machine is an ideal choice for small to medium-sized wrapping operations. It has a capacity of 1000kg and a width of 1000mm that fits with the turntables easily. 


Benefits of Buying Wrapping Machines from Maxpack

  • Faster wrap times
  • Labour and material costs reduced
  • The wrapping and packaging process is quicker and more seamless
  • Robust and heavy-duty pallet wrap machines
  • Multiple safety features included as standard
  • Economic viability for a variety of business sizes and wrapping operations