Do Not Stack Protective Products

Do Not Stack labels and pallet cones effectively protect goods on pallets from being damaged during storage or transit due to overstacking. The bold prints of Do Not Stack pallets cones and labels indicate a warning message immediately, ensuring that the instructions are clear. They are made from specialist cardboards to provide excellent strength and reusability. Do Not Stack cones and labels are primarily used in industries to reduce the cost of product damage during transit due toother pallets being stacke on top of your pallet.

If you want to buy high-quality Do Not Stack labels and cones in the UK to reduce the risk of damage and unwanted crushing, Maxpack can provide you with the best range of options. At Maxpack, you can find;

Do Not Stack Cones

The written words “DO NOT STACK” indicates a simple and clear visual warning to make the operative aware of any potential issues. They are durable, effective, and highly visible deterrent to pallet stacking in transit.

Do Not Stack Pallet Labels

At Maxpack, we stock a broad collection of printed labels with “DO NOT STACK” messages to ensure your packages are handled precisely during transit or storage.

Key Features of our Do Not Stack protective products.

Clear and concise
High-quality semi-gloss labels
Highly visible
Easy to assemble and attach
Prevents overstacking