Cushioning and Void Fill

When packing single or multiple products into a box, and there is space remaining, this creates a risk that the products will rattle around, bang against each other and get damaged in transit or during shipping. Various void-fill type products can then be used to take up the space and make sure the products remain fixed and safe during delivery.


Eco-Friendly Void Fill Choice

It’s important to make good environmental choices when packing your products for storage or shipping. Where possible, the carton should be as close as possible in size to the product or products you are packing. This reduces the amount of void fill required and saves wasted single-use packaging. Call one of our local team members for advice on what the best void fill is for your requirement.


Maxpack Void Fill from Maxpack

Maxpack has a range of different types of packaging void fill to suit different types of applications. Depending on the size of the carton, the size and weight of the products in the carton and the journey it will take, you can choose from air void fill, paper void fill, or loose void fill. If you’re looking to buy void fill packaging in the UK, Maxpack has a solution if you’re looking to buy void fill packaging in the UK. We stock the different types of void fill in bulk to enable supply in small quantities or in bulk for large volume package cushioning.