Tape Dispensers & Equipment

Tape dispensers are the most preferred equipment worldwide, especially in the packaging and industrial sector. They tend to improve the efficiency across packaging lines, manufacturing, and assembly while eliminating the need to measure and cut the desired length of security tapes manually.

Packing tape dispensers allow you to get through a higher volume of packages in a short amount of time. Whether you use a semi-automatic tape dispenser or a hand tape one, you will get more efficient results than other tape dispensing solutions.

If you want to buy reliable industrial tape dispensers at affordable rates, Maxpack can provide you with the best possible options. At Maxpack, we have a wide collection of packaging tape dispensers to cater to our customers’ needs. You can get your favorite tape dispensing equipment at affordable rates without worrying about the product quality.

The tape dispensers are designed to hold a roll of tape and quickly and easily seal cardboard boxes and other packaged goods. Tape dispensing equipment is often used to increase productivity on packing or despatch lines. They hold, dispense, and cut the packing tape easily and quickly. The packaging tape dispensers are highly efficient for applications in the e-commerce, manufacturing and industrial sector. They tend to reduce packing tape waste and increase productivity at the workplace.

At Maxpack, we provide a wide choice of manual and electronic tape dispensers to fulfill our customers’ needs and requirements.

Hand Tape Dispensers

At Maxpack, you can find a wide collection of manual tape dispensers. They have a shatterproof wiper, a fixed blade that makes them ideal for paper tape, and an adjustable core break to correct the tension for your tape.

Bench Tape Dispensers

We offer high-quality tabletop and heavy-duty tabletop tape dispensers that are ideal for offices, homes, post rooms, and warehouses. These packing tape dispensers allow you to cut the tape by hand to the required length.

Automatic Tapping Machines

Our electronic tapping machines are ideal for operations looking to increase productivity. They can detect the width and height of the carton, adjust to size and tape closed, providing a professional finish.

Features of our Tape Dispensers

Increase productivity
Ideal for sealing random-sized cartoons
Comfy grip handle
Ergonomically designed
Ideal for large, busy packaging lines