Standard Boxes

Standard cardboard boxes, or 0201 cardboard boxes, are a style of carton often used for shipping B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) products. They have 4 flaps on the top and bottom that meet in the middle and require sealing with tape, glue or staples. The reference 0201 is a Fefco style that denotes this design of carton. The standard or 0201 cardboard box style is a common and economical style of box as no tooling is required for assembly and is an efficient use of the material.


Single or Double Wall Cartons

Single wall standard cartons are made from one layer of fluted paper sandwiched between 2 paper liners, and are great for lighter products whether they are small or large. Double wall standard cartons are made from two layers of fluted paper interleaved and sandwiched between 3 paper liners to make them much stronger and ideal for heavy or more fragile products that require greater protection.


Buying Maxpack Cardboard Boxes from Maxpack

At Maxpack, we supply a large selection of standard cardboard boxes in a range of popular sizes. Our standard cardboard boxes are produced in large quantities which are readily available for you to buy from our UK stock at wholesale prices, with speedy delivery and manageable quantities.

Maxpack has a range of popular sizes of standard boxes produced in large quantities which we then have available for you to buy from stock in the UK, ideal if you are looking for standard shipping boxes with quick delivery in manageable quantities at bulk wholesale prices.

If you are looking to buy standard packaging boxes but you’re not sure what size you require, call our sales team who would be happy to help you choose the right box for your needs, whether small or large, light or strong.

Within our region which includes the West Midlands, the North West and North Wales and we deliver the next working day on all orders placed before 3.30pm to the following locations:.

Stoke on Trent
Market Drayton

Delivery of standard cardboard boxes to customers outside these locations, but within mainland UK, is 2-3 days.
This region includes Coventry, Birmingham, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Derby, Telford, Stafford, Newport, Stoke on Trent, Market Drayton, Crewe, Whitchurch, Nantwich, Macclesfield, Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, Deeside, Wrexham, Oswestry, Welshpool, Newtown, Leominster, Hereford and other regional centres. Our delivery service to customers outside this region within mainland UK for standard boxes is 2 – 3 days.


Size Comparison Chart for Cardboard Boxes

Carton sizes can be given in different metrics. Below is a list of sizes from our stock box range in millimetre’s with the equivalent dimensions also given in centimetre’s and inches

102x102x102mm, 10x10x10cm, 4x4x4″ Cardboard Box
127x127x127mm, 13x13x13cm, 5x5x5″ Cardboard Box
152x102x102mm, 15x10x10cm, 6x4x4″ Cardboard Box
152x152x75mm, 15x15x7cm, 6x6xx3″ Cardboard Box
152x152x152mm, 15x15x15cm, 6x6x6″ Cardboard Box
178x152x127mm, 18x15x13cm,7x6x5″ Cardboard Box
178x178x178mm, 18x18x18cm, 7x7x7″ Cardboard Box
203x203x203mm, 20x20x20cm, 8x8x8″ Cardboard Box
254x152x152mm, 25x15x15cm, 10x6x6″ Cardboard Box
305x229x102mm, 30x23x10cm, 12x9x4″ Cardboard Box
305x229x152mm, 30x23x15cm, 12x9x6″ Cardboard Box
305x229x229mm, 30x23x23cm, 12x9x9″ Cardboard Box
305x305x305mm, 30x30x30cm, 12x12x12″ Cardboard Box
381x381x381mm, 38x38x38cm, 15x15x15″ Cardboard Box
386x326x246mm, 39x33x25cm, 15x13x10″ Cardboard Box
388x288x288mm, 39x39x29cm, 15x15x12″ Cardboard Box
400x300x210mm, 40x30x21cm, 16x12x8″ Cardboard Box
400x350x300mm, 40x35x30cm, 16x14x12cm Cardboard Box
405x405x405mm, 40x40x40cm, 16x16x16″ Cardboard Box
432x318x318mm, 43x32x32cm, 17x12x12″ Cardboard Box
457x305x305mm, 46x30x30cm, 18x12x12″ Cardboard Box
457x457x305mm, 46x46x30cm, 18x18x12″ Cardboard Box
457x457x457mm, 46x46x46cm, 18x18x18″ Cardboard Box
483x320x356mm, 48x32x36cm, 19x12x14″ Cardboard Box
586x386x246mm, 59x39x25cm, 23x15x10″ Cardboard Box
594x294x388mm, 59x29x39cm, 24x12x15″ Cardboard Box
600x400x300mm, 60x40x30cm, 24x16x12″ Cardboard Box
610x457x390mm, 61x46x39cm, 24x18x16″ Cardboard Box
610x457x457mm, 61x46x46cm, 24x18x18″ Cardboard Box
610x610x610mm, 61x61x61cm, 24x24x24″ Cardboard Box
765x610x610mm, 77x61x61cm, 30x24x24″ Cardboard Box
838x460x406mm, 84x46x41cm, 33x18x16″ Cardboard Box