Disposable Gloves

Comprehensive selection of disposable gloves to assist in protecting you and those around you.



Disposable Gloves

Wearing disposable gloves can reduce the spread of infection and helps protect your team in the workplace by keeping hands clean and germ-free. Both nitrile and vinyl disposable gloves are available in small, medium, large and extra large from stock. Disposable gloves help to make businesses substantially more safe and help provide better working conditions. With our stock holding we can provide wholesale disposable gloves which will provide a high degree of protection against various irritation or contamination hazards at a relatively low cost.

If you want to buy disposable gloves UK at affordable rates, considering Maxpack is an obvious choice. All our sm, m, l and xl disposable gloves UK are made to exacting standards and regulation to give you peace of mind. The extra-large disposable gloves UK protect against exposure to potentially harmful materials such as detergents, biohazards, and alcohols.

Powder Free Nitrile Glove

Our nitrile disposable gloves UK help keep your work environment safe and clean. We offer a wide range of nitrile gloves made from a stronger material, ensuring puncture resistance.

Powder Free Vinyl Gloves

Our powders-free disposable vinyl gloves come in a variety of sizes. They are an economical-friendly alternative to nitrile and latex gloves.

Powder Free Latex Gloves

Our disposable latex gloves UK are made from 100% natural rubber and provide exceptional protection in wet or dry conditions.

Key Features of our Disposable Gloves

Made from 100% natural material
Keep hands clean, dry, and germ-free
Helps protect wearer