Machine Pallet Wrap Film at Maxpack


Introduction to Industrial pallet wrap

Machine pallet wrap is a flexible film used to secure and protect items on pallets during storage and shipping. It also goes by the names machine cling wrap or machine pallet shrink wrap.

The purpose of machine stretch film wrap is to keep items in place and prevent damage during transportation. Warehouses and distribution centers commonly use it to streamline the packaging process.

This film sticks to itself tightly. It keeps items clean, dust-free, and protected from moisture and rain.

Our industrial rolls of stretch wrap comes in clear or colored options. It conforms to the shape of any item. This ensures stability and safety during transportation.


Our Product Range

At Maxpack, we have a wide range of machine pallet stretch wrap to meet different industrial needs. Our films are perfect for applications requiring different levels of automation:


Cast Machine Cling Wrap

Experience the superior cling and clear visibility of our Cast Machine packaging wrap. This is a great stretch wrap for machine application. It has good pre-stretch, unwinds quietly, and provides consistent coverage. A popular choice for industries that need strong load stability and transparency.

Pre-stretched Machine Stretch Wrap

Businesses looking to enhance efficiency and reduce waste can use our Pre-stretched Machine Wrap. This wrap is lighter and easier to use, needing less energy to stretch. A cost-effective option that still keeps items secure.

Paper Machine Pallet Wrap

Our Paper Machine Pallet Wrap is a great option for those looking to reduce plastic use. Innovative, sustainable, durable and eco-friendly, this option helps protect your products and supports your green efforts effectively.

Eco-Friendly Machine Pallet Wrap

We craft our Eco-Friendly Machine Pallet Wrap from materials that minimize environmental impact. This range provides eco-friendly pallet wrapping options for businesses that want to be sustainable and effective.

Pallet Wrapping Machines

We have different machines to wrap pallets that help make your wrapping process more efficient and improve your workflow. From semi-automatic to fully automated solutions, our machines deliver precision and durability, allowing for various wrap types and meeting different industrial demand.

Heavy Duty Machine Pallet Wrap

Our durable wraps offer extra protection, strength, and resistance to punctures, keeping your products safe during rough transportation.


Maxpack’s Delivery Commitment

We understand the importance of having supplies quickly. That’s why we keep a large selection of industrial wrapping film in stock.

These films are ready to ship as soon as you need them. For clients located in the West Midlands, North West, and North Wales, we offer next working day delivery.

We provide quick 3-5 day shipping to all locations in the UK. This allows you to receive high-quality wrapping solutions promptly. Your location does not matter.


Eco-Friendly Machine Hand Pallet Wrap

Committed to the environment, Maxpack proudly offers eco-friendly heavy duty pallet wrap for machines. We make our stretch wrap film from LDPE, a material that is 100% recyclable and helps reduce single-use packaging. These new wraps help protect your products during shipping and storage while also reducing harm to the environment.


Explore Our Diverse Selection

As UK pallet wrap suppliers, Maxpack offer automated packaging solutions and environmentally friendly wrapping options to meet your needs. Check out our options today to see how our bulk machine wrap can improve how you protect and move your items.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between cast machine cling wrap packaging and pre-stretched wrap?

Cast Film, or Cast Stretch Film, is produced through the cast extrusion process where it is formed into multi-layered sheets. These layers can be designed with cling on only one side to prevent pallets from sticking together, enhancing the film’s durability.

Pre-stretched Film, in contrast, is stretched before it is applied to loads. This makes it easier to apply and more puncture-resistant than Cast Films. Additionally, it uses less material per load, reducing the cost of wrapping each pallet.

Can we recycle paper machine pallet wrap?

Our paper machine pallet wrap is recyclable and eco-friendly. It replaces traditional plastic wraps. This helps reduce your business’s impact on the environment.

Are your pallet wrapping machines suitable for all types of pallet wrap?

Our pallet wrapping machines can handle different types of wraps. These include eco-friendly and heavy-duty options. This allows us to meet various packaging needs.

How does using eco-friendly machine pallet wrap benefit my business?

Using eco-friendly machine pallet wrap can reduce environmental impact by using recyclable materials. This can also improve your company’s eco friendly credentials, leading to a better brand image and increased customer loyalty.

What makes heavy duty machine pallet wrap different from regular pallet wrap?

The manufacturer designed this high-performance machine stretch film to withstand punctures and provide extra toughness. Perfect for securing heavy loads or items with sharp edges that could tear regular wrap.

How quickly can I receive my order of pallet wrap stretch film?

For clients in the West Midlands, North West, and North Wales, we offer next working day delivery. Other regions in the UK can expect a 3-5 day delivery service, ensuring you receive your products promptly.

Is your machine pallet wrap suitable for both storage and transit?

Our machine pallet wrap is great for keeping goods secure on pallets during storage and transit. It protects against dust, provides stability, and prevents shifts and movement.

Do you provide bulk ordering options for pallet plastic wrap?

We offer cost-effective bulk pallet wrapping machine film options. These options provide a steady supply for your business needs.

What are the benefits of using automated pallet wrapping solutions from Maxpack?

Our automated pallet wrapping solutions streamline the wrapping process, reduce labour costs, and improve package security. These systems help businesses improve their packaging operations by increasing efficiency and reducing waste.