Snap Off Knives



Knives with Snap-Off Blades

A snap-off knife comes with an interchangeable blade that can simply snap off the used point and create a fresh, sharp knife. Snap-off utility knives have eight edges per blade, meaning they last eight times longer than ordinary utility knives while preventing unnecessary waste and environmental impact. If you’re looking for snap-off blade knives for your workplace, Maxpack has the best possible solutions. 

We offer a variety of snap-off utility knives to fulfil our customer’s requirements, using only high-quality and durable materials to manufacture our snap-off blade knives. The blades of our knives are quickly interchangeable and offer optimal convenience. If you don’t see the knife you are looking for, please get in touch with one of our sales team who will be happy to source the right product for your needs. 

We stock a diverse range of snap-off safety knives, ensuring we cater to the differing needs of businesses throughout the UK. 


LDK9 Light Duty Snap Off Knife 9mm

The 9mm snap-off knife comes with a blade that can be retracted into the plastic casing for safety. Each blade has several sections that can be snapped off, leaving a new sharp blade to extend the life of the knife. The blade of this item can also easily be replaced with new and sharp ones once it becomes fully used and all sections are blunted. 


RB18 Snap Off Blade 18mm

The 18mm snap-off blade is extremely sharp and easy to install into the retractable casing. The knife comes in a pack of 10 with snap-off features to extend the life of the knife. 


CPK18 Heavy Duty Snap Off Knife

This 18mm long snap-off knife has a sharp blade and can be retracted into the plastic casing for safety. This lockable knife helps to cut efficiently and takes no time to replace the old blade with a new one.


RB9 Snap Off knife 9mm

This 9mm snap-off comes with a sharp snap-off blade which can be retracted easily once the blade is blunt. 


Benefits of Snap Off Knives from Maxpack

  • Durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install and use
  • Can be retracted for safety