Bench Tape Dispensers

Bench dispensers for convenient, tidy tape dispensing as required



Bench Tape Dispensers

Bench and desktop tape dispensers streamline the sealing process in homes, offices, post rooms, packing stations, and warehouses. They make the packing process more efficient by making tape cutting safe and easy. Tape dispensers desktop improve the finish on your packaging by using serrated blades.

If you want a durable bench and desktop tape dispenser for your packaging needs, Maxpack can provide you with the best options. We stock a wide range of bench and desktop tape dispensers to fulfill the packaging needs of warehouses and packing stations. You can choose our bench tape dispensers to increase productivity along assemble lines or manufacturing.

Table Top Tape Dispensers

Tabletop tape dispensers are designed to be used with tape up to 25mm. They are ideal tape dispensers for both home and office use. The tabletop tape dispenser allows you to cut the tape by hand using a serrated blade.

Heavy Duty Tabletop Tape Dispenser

Our heavy-duty tabletop tape dispenser is designed to be used with up to 50mm tape. Increasing productivity at warehouses, post rooms, and packing stations is a great choice.

Features of Our Bench Tape Dispensers

Easy to load
No scissors required
Small tabletop footprint