Work Gloves

Work gloves, or safety gloves, maintain a high level of health and safety in all businesses. Every site owner has a legal responsibility to provide the workers with correct safety garments regardless of the size of the business. Wearing work gloves can save workers from potential harm, such as heat and chemical burns, puncture wounds, extreme cold or heat, needle skin injuries, and loss of nails or fingers.

If you want to buy some durable grip or site gloves at affordable rates, buying from Maxpack can be a great perk. We offer a wide collection of grip work gloves, winter work gloves, and waterproof work gloves.

TG1010 Traffic Gloves

TG1010 Traffic gloves with generous cut length are ideal to use in dry conditions. They offer extra protection against injury and damage while ensuring hands can move freely.

TG1240 Carbon Neutral Traffic Gloves

These heavy-duty work gloves are carbon neutral. They can protect against damage or injury in dry, wet, oily, or hot conditions.

TG5010 Traffic Gloves

These site work gloves are ideal for construction and automotive industries due to their excellent grip and cut resistance. 

TG6240 Carbon Neutral Traffic Gloves

Due to their touch screen compatibility, these work gloves are ideal for waste, rail and recycling industries.

Key Features of our Work Gloves

Close-fitting and comfortable
Cut resistant
Highly tactile
Excellent dexterity