Hand Strap Combination Tools

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Combination Tools For Hand Strapping

A hand strap combination tool performs the job of both a sealer and tensioner, all while eliminating operator fatigue. They are a cost-effective solution for speeding up the strapping process and can save both time and energy. 

If you’re looking for reliable polypropylene strapping tools at affordable rates, Maxpack is here to help you source the best tool for your requirements. Maxpack offers a range of hand strap combination tools for different types of strapping material and applications, and having provided protective packing services for years, we know how to ensure we meet our customers’ needs year after year.


SPC12 Standard Polypropylene Strap Combination Tool 12mm

This product is an ideal strapping tool for 12mm polypropylene strapping, completing both tensioning and sealing, quickly and effectively. 


SPC16 STD Pp Strap Combi Tool 16mm

This hand strap tool is ideal for 16mm propylene strapping and is designed to tension and seal using the same tool.


RSK12 H/D 12mm Combination Tool

This heavy-duty hand strap tool is designed for both polypropylene and polyester strapping. If your strapping needs are 12mm, this tool is a perfect choice.


RSK16 H/D/ 16mm Comb. Tool

This heavy-duty hand strap tool is for use with 16mm strapping and works by securely attaching the seal with the handle to keep the strapping in place. 


Sealless Tool for Steel Strap

This hand strap tool seals and tensions the steel strapping in one motion. It provides adjustable strapping measurements and a high-quality seal every time.


Benefits of Hand Strap Tools from Maxpack

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Cost-effective solution for both tension and sealing
  • Easy to operate 

Please get in touch with Maxpack’s customer support team for any other strapping tool requirements you may have.