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Range of staplers and staples for fixing and sealing your packaging.



Staplers for Carton Sealing

Carton staplers are designed to fasten and secure the lids of cartons and other cardboard packaging, but finding a carton stapler that fits your needs can be a tedious task. At Maxpack, you’ll find a diverse range of carton staplers and accompanying staples, with something sure to suit your needs and the volume required. 

At Maxpack, we are committed to providing our customers with the best and most affordable options. Our expert producers use only high-quality and durable materials during the manufacturing process of carton staplers to ensure you get a perfect product. 


Battery Powered Carton Top Stapler c.561B

This ergonomic, economical, and easy-to-use carton stapler has a rate of 6000 staples per battery charge and is an ideal choice for all packaging operations where a mobile stapling solution is required. 


JK20T779 Pneumatic Plier Stapler

This is one of the most reliable pneumatic carton staplers available and has been specifically designed for industrial usage. It is a low-weight and ergonomic stapler that is quiet, reliable, and fast-stapling. 


>CMS-S-32 Side Arm Carton Stapler Manual

Manual carton staplers come in handy when you want to close the side of cartons before filling. Our arm-side manual carton stapler can be operated in any environment.


JK20T777l HD Plier Stapler – Pneumatic JK7

This heavy-duty pneumatic carton stapler is suitable for higher volumes with fixed workstations, providing a quiet, reliable, consistent, and improved stapling quality. 


CMB-S-32 Carton Bottom Stapler – Mechanical

The CMB-S-32 cardboard box stapler is suitable for closing the bottoms of cartons before filling. This foot-operated stapler uses 32/15mm or 32/18mm staples and aligns the boxes accurately. 


Benefits of Carton Staplers from Maxpack

  • Suitable for all corrugated boards
  • Neat and clean seal
  • Safety latch
  • Fast and reliable stapling
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Ideal for assembly 

If you want reliable and cost-effective stapling solutions, contact the team at Maxpack who will be very pleased to help.