Hand Strap Tensioners



Tensioners For Hand Strapping

Hand strap tensioners provide cost-effective and convenient polyester and propylene strapping services in the industrial sector. If you’re looking for reliable woven or corded polyester strapping tools, Maxpack can provide you with the best and most affordable options. 

At Maxpack, we have a team of experts with years of experience and knowledge on hand to provide our customers with a broad range of paper and plastic strapping tools. Our hand strap tensioners are developed and designed from the best components under the observation of our experts, and we use careful parameters to ensure the quality and performance of these tools. 


Maxpack Hand Strap Tensioners

At Maxpack, you can find a broad range of high-quality paper, polypropylene, extruded polyester and woven polyester strapping tools to meet the varying needs of our customers.


Strapping Tensioner 12-16mm

This hand strap tensioner is easy to use and designed for plastic strapping between 12 and 16mm.


Heavy-Duty Strapping Tensioner 12-19mm

This product is an ideal hand strap tensioner for heavy-duty polyester strapping between 12 and 19mm.


TLS20 STD Steel Strap Tensioner 19mm

This strapping tool is a great option for tensioning steel strapping that measures up to 19mm. 


>Round Pack HD Steel Strap Tensioner <19mm

The RP round pack tensioner for steel banding is a heavy-duty hand tensioner designed for strapping that measures up to 19mm. Although it has a small footprint, it can still achieve perfect tension on round packs.


RPH HD Steel Strap Tensioner <32mm

This is a very heavy-duty tensioner designed for steel strapping up to 32mm. 


Benefits of Hand Strap Tensioners from Maxpack

  • Sturdy Design
  • Low maintenance
  • Mobile and hard-wearing 

Reach out to Maxpack’s customer support team if you’d like to learn more about our strapping tensioners, or to find the perfect product for your requirements.