Reinforced & Security Tapes

The crossweave reinforced tape is ideal for most demanding applications, such as those needing high security and heavy-duty sealing. The security tape is an extremely strong and durable adhesive that can be used to strap or bundle cartons together. Security seal tape is widely used to adhere to various surfaces, papers, boards, and plastic because of its superb adhesion.
At Maxpack, we offer strong and reliable reinforced tape that ensures your package is secured from any damage. All our reinforced and security tapes are highly durable and can be cut only using a sharp knife or a tape dispenser.

Crossweave Reinforced Tapes

This reinforced packing tape is extremely durable and can be used as an alternative to strapping. The security tape can adhere to all cardboard surfaces and papers.

Monoweave Reinforced Tapes

Monoweave reinforced tape is an economical alternative to strapping that can adhere to all surfaces and papers.

Tamper Evident Tapes

Our wide collection of tamper-evident tapes makes packing your packages more efficient.

Features of our Reinforced & Security Tapes

High security sealing and heavy-duty
Tear resistance
Long-lasting grip
Ideal for securing heavy pallet loads