Industrial Tapes

Range of adhesive tapes for use in industrial applications



Tapes For Industry

Industrial adhesive tapes are designed for thread sealing, adhesive sealing, packaging, masking, wrapping, and other packaging and sealing applications. Other industrial tapes have specific purposes and can be used for electrical insulation, electronic die, and thread sealing. 

It is crucial to check the requirements and dimensions of an industrial tape for your sealing needs. If you want to buy high-quality industrial tape, Maxpack can provide you with the best possible options. We are committed to providing our potential customers with the right industrial tapes, including double-sided adhesive tape. 


Low Pack Protection Pack

A low pack protection tape can be used to temporarily protect items from dust, dirt and scratches during transit, storage, or shipping. They offer an easy and quick way to protect your surfaces while ensuring no adhesive residue is left behind. They are often used in the automotive industry when making car, truck and other vehicle parts. 

The protective film gives temporary protection to fragile parts, paint parts, high gloss plastics and shiny metal surfaces. This film can later be removed leaving no damage and having protected the part from damage throughout the production process, in transit and delivery to the customer.


Floor Marking Tape

Our industrial floor marking tape is extremely durable and hard-wearing. It is designed for warehouse floor marking, lane identification, and area colour coding.


Cloth Tapes

Cloth tape or duct tape is heavy-duty, water-resistant tape designed for temporary repairs and quick fixes. It has a very strong adhesive which performs extremely well, even outdoors or in difficult conditions.


Barrier Tapes

This non-adhesive tape is ideal for marking potentially dangerous areas. The barrier tape is printed on both sides and can be used to signal “no go’ areas. 


Benefits of Industrial Tapes from Maxpack

  • Temperature and water-resistant
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Uniform thickness throughout the length
  • Minimal adhesive waste
  • Clean and neat bonding

Please reach out to Maxpack’s customer support team if you need further information about our industrial tapes.