Steel Strap Cutters



Cutters For Steel Banding

Steel strap cutters are used to cut off the excess strapping and eliminate the risk of injury caused by sharp edges. Steel strapping tools can be used to cut zinc-coated, blued and waxed steel strapping once your products are secured. 

If you want to avoid any injury caused by steel strapping at your workplace, use approved steel cutters. At Maxpack, we offer a wide range of tools for protective packaging with our team of experts designing and manufacturing the steel strap cutters using advanced knowledge, experience and market standards. 


SSCO4 Steel Safety Cutters

Steel safety cutters are used to cut excess steel strapping from edges and to trim the desired length of strapping you need from a dispenser. You can use this cutter if your steel strapping is up to 25mm wide. This tool grips the strap during cutting to stop the strap from flicking back under tension and causing injury.


SSCO6 Safety Steel Cutters < 25mm

This steel strapping tool is ideal for trimming strapping to length, cutting ends, and removing strapping after being secured. The tool comes with two handles that are held at both ends and you can use this heavy-duty hand strap cutter for high tensile steel up to 25mm. 


H305 Steel Cutter <50mm

This is a very heavy-duty steel strapping cutter that safely cuts even the strongest steel banding. It can be used on steel up to 50mm wide. 


Why buy Maxpack Steel Strap Cutters?

At Maxpack, we provide onsite and telephone customer support to answer all your queries. We ensure that industry experts manufacture our hand strap tools, giving you peace of mind that our products will deliver the best performance. Our innovative techniques, experience and knowledge also help us to provide our customers with the most affordable protective packaging solutions without compromising on quality.