De-Icing Salt

De-icing, snow melting and prevention of ice formation on roads, pavements and yards.



De-Icing Salt

De-icing salt is the most common product to prevent ice from forming on roads, driveways, and sidewalks. This salt reduces the melting point of water and prevents ice from forming. During the de-icing stage, you can use different de-icing salt spreaders to sodium chloride on the roads.

At Maxpack, we provide high-quality white de-icing salt and salt spreaders UK. You can get a wide collection of salt spreaders at Maxpack, including salt grit spreaders, rock salt spreaders UK, industrial salt spreaders, and many more.

Klein-Melt White De-Icing Salt 25kg Bag

Our 25kg de-icing salt is the most environmentally friendly way to prevent ice formation on roads and sidewalks. It has a low % of corrosive content that helps to prevent sludge.

Pedestrian Salt Spreader

Our pedestrian salt spreader is ideal for ice gritting from roads, sidewalks, and access ways. It is a durable and long-lasting salt spreader that keeps your operations moving in the cold winter.

Snow Shovel

Our rounded shape snow shovel is ideal for snow shoveling during winters. It is made from durable red plastic that ensures optimal performance.

Towable Salt Spreader

The towable salt spreader is ideal for towing behind vehicles without requiring an electrical valve connection.

Key Features of our Salt Spreader

Can be used for multi-purposes (as grass, salt, or fertilizer spreader)
Optimal performance
Solid control linkage
Made from durable plastic