Gummed Paper Tape Dispensers

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Gummed Paper Tape Dispensers

Gummed paper tape dispensers are the ideal solution for sealing cardboard boxes on the assembly line. They are designed to provide a strong and durable seal that’s economical and tamper-evident. The gummed tape dispensers have a heavy-duty self-oiling blade that ensures a consistent cutting and professional finish. They have a fully programmable control system with either reinforced or plain packing tape.

A gummed paper tape dispenser is a perfect partner for those who want to improve productivity across assembly lines and manufacturing. They have innovative features to set your desired lengths of tape and dispense them accordingly.

At Maxpack, we offer a wide collection of time-efficient, effective, and economical-friendly gummed paper dispensers.

Marsh TDE220, Paper Tape Dispenser

It is a premium gummed tape dispenser that eliminates tape waste and requires little cleaning and adjustment. It can accommodate up to 350m tape rolls at adjustable measurements and speed.

BP555 Electronic Paper Tape Dispenser

BP555 is an eco-friendly solution designed to secure your parcels with maximum efficiency. It is ideal to use 70mm wide reinforced paper tape with pre-set lengths.

PD800 Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser

PD800 is well-suited with plain and non-reinforced water-activated paper tapes. It has a water chamber to ensure automatic tape moistening.

Features of our Gummed Tape Dispensers

Cost-effective sealing solutions
Small tabletop footprint