Protective Profile Foam

Profile foam or U channel foam that protects corners, profiles and edges effectively.



Protective Profile Foam

When it comes to packaging items for shipping, you want a solution that is easy to use and remove, as well as affordable enough to avoid going over your budget. But the most important factor for any kind of packaging is protection. Protective profile foam is the best and most affordable solution for providing trusted softness and reliable support to your product when shipping items.

Foam edge protection strips easily mould around the item’s edges to provide excellent support. If you’re looking for protective solutions for shipping, Maxpack can provide you with the best possible solutions, with a diverse range of L-shaped and U-shaped protective profile foams available. We are determined to provide our customers with every available packaging solution while ensuring affordability.


L-Shaped Foam

L-shaped protective profile foams can easily fit around the edges of doors, panels, and furniture edgings. They are supplied in 2m long profiles but can be adjusted according to your shipping needs.


U-Shaped Foam

U-shaped foams can be easily fitted around tables, shelves, windows, and glass to provide extra cushioning for your products during storage, shipping, shifting, or transit. 


Why Should You Buy Protective Profile Foam from Maxpack?

Our U-shaped and L-shaped foam edge protectors are highly durable and have several advantages over bubble wraps and paper wadding. Maxpack puts customer satisfaction at the highest priority level with a vast selection of high-quality packaging products. All our profile foams are;

  • Reusable
  • Made from 100% recycled materials
  • Non-abrasive
  • Cost-friendly
  • Temperature and humidity resistant
  • Easily adjustable according to your shipping needs
  • Resilient and have excellent shape memory

If you want to give your shipping items extra L or U-channel foam edge protection, Maxpack’s protective profile foams are ideal for achieving your goals.