Shrink Gun Systems

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Heat Shrink Wrap Guns

Heat shrink wrap guns work by blowing hot air over the surface of shrink-wrap to shrink it to the required tightness. Shrink wrap guns are widely used in industrial sectors to package foods and other consumer goods but can be used for several other applications. The right choice of heat shrink wrap gun is essential for successfully finishing a heat shrinking process.

The heat gun has a trigger that can be depressed to ignite a heart flame. Different heat shrink guns produce a slightly different flame pattern, but all shrink to an average oval area of around 30-40 cm. Shrink guns use a propane or butane gas to create a flame that radiates heat onto plastic wraps. Due to the heat omitted, many people are unaware of shrink heat wrap guns that can be used for extended periods. But don’t worry, Maxpack has got you covered!

We provide a diverse range of heat shrink wrap guns that are highly durable and can last for extended periods.


Shrinkit Economy Shrink Gun System

This ergonomically designed heat shrink gun offers advanced aerodynamics to ensure an even heat distribution across the entire surface. It’s essential to cover its nozzle with a shield when using this gun system to prevent any injury during the shrinking process.


GCT Gas Cylinder Trolley C/W Holster

The GCT gas cylinder comes with heavy-duty rubber wheels that can add another layer of convenience to a pallet shrink wrap system. The holster of the cylinder can carry a heat shrink gun and also provides a portable workstation. 


PSS/1.2 – 2m Polythene Roll Dispenser

This roll dispenser comes with lockable wheels and can hold up to 3 rolls. It is the ideal tool for dispensing shrink films, as well as other sheets that come on a core.


Benefits of Shrink Gun Systems from Maxpack

  • Easy to install and extend
  • Increased productivity in the workplace 
  • Economically friendly