Floor Marking Tape



Floor Marking Tape

Floor marking tapes are specifically designed to highlight important workplace floor areas. The heavy-duty floor marking tape has powerful adhesion to ensure it will stick on the floor even under harsh working conditions. They highlight and designate specific work areas and help improve employees’ safety.

If you want to buy high-quality floor markings in the UK, Maxpack is here to provide you with the best options. We at Maxpack provide a wide collection of floor markings, including safety floor marking tape, Covid floor stickers, and a floor marking tape dispenser. All our floor markings are made of highly durable material and tend to provide long-lasting adhesion.

Blue Floor Tapes

Our blue floor tapes are highly durable and can be used for lane identification, floor marking, and color-coding storage areas.

Yellow Floor Tapes

Our yellow floor marking tape offers a superb level of adhesion. This hard-wearing tape is ideal for lane identification and floor marking.

Red & White Floor Tapes

Our red and white floor marking tapes offer a high level of adhesion and remain stable under harsh working conditions.

Black & Yellow Floor Tapes

This roll of floor marking tape is highly durable and can be used for floor marking in sports.

Features of our Tape for Floor Marking

Highly visible
Highlights important areas at workstations