Battery Strapping Tools

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  • Kronos H-46A Automatic Strapping Tool
    Service, Repairs & Rental Available


    Kronos H-46A Automatic Strapping Tool

    £2,210.66 (ex VAT)

  • STB71 Strapex Automatic Strapping Tool
    Service, Repairs & Rental Available


    STB71 Strapex Automatic Strapping Tool

    £2,230.00 (ex VAT)

  • Kronos H-46A Automatic Strapping Tool
    Service, Repairs & Rental Available


    Kronos H-46A Automatic Strapping Tool

    £1,795.00 (ex VAT)

  • BXT3-16 13mm Signode Automatic Strapping Tool
    Service, Repairs & Rental Available


    BXT3-16 13mm Signode Automatic Strapping Tool

    £2,595.00 (ex VAT)

  • BXT3-19 19mmSignode Automatic Friction Tool
    Service, Repairs & Rental Available


    BXT3-19 19mmSignode Automatic Friction Tool

    £2,748.00 (ex VAT)

Battery Operated Strapping Tools from Maxpack

Our battery-powered strapping tools and equipment cover all your packaging needs, providing efficiency, reliability, and convenience. Battery strapping tools tighten plastic or steel straps around products for easy storage or transport. You can use them with polyester strapping, polypropylene strapping, and paper strapping.

Our battery-powered plastic strapping tools deliver unmatched performance and flexibility to any industrial despatch area. We design our battery-powered strapping tools to be user-friendly and easy to maintain. This helps to reduce fatigue for operators who use them frequently.

Our Range of Battery Strapping Tools

At Maxpack, we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional selection of battery powered strapping machines for packaging. Our portable battery strapping tools are ideal for businesses that require mobility and flexibility in their packaging operations.

  • Battery Operated Strapping Machines: Ideal for businesses seeking reliable and efficient solutions for high quality strapping operations, delivering consistent performance and durability. We design our Battery Powered Packaging Tools to make your packaging processes more efficient and effective.
  • Cordless Strapping Tools: Providing the flexibility and mobility required for on-site packaging tasks, including tensioning and sealing. Lightweight, easy to use, and perfect for operations that require frequent movement and hand operation.
  • Automatic Strapping Tools: Simplifying the strapping process, allowing for quick and efficient strapping with minimal effort.
  • Automatic Friction Welding Tools: Offering reliable and consistent strapping for various applications.


STB71 Strapex Automatic Strapping Tool

The STB 71 Strapex strapping tool is perfect for light-duty strapping applications. It benefits from a variable tensioning speed of up to 290mm/s which has been proven to increase production uptime. The STB 71 is ideally suited for strapping between 9mm and 13mm PaperStrap paper strapping, polypropylene or polyester strapping.

  • Digitally controlled strapping process
  • Strap alignment indicator
  • Quickly access your favourite strapping function
  • Lightweight, ergonomic and protective design with a new battery cover to increase longevity
  • Fewer wearing parts make it economical to maintain
  • Improved performance offers up 800 cycles per charge
  • Lock feature to ensure consistent results


BXT3-16 13mm Signode Automatic Strapping Tool

The Signode Automatic Strapping Tool is for 13mm strapping. It is perfect for tightening, sealing, and cutting polyester and polypropylene. The BXT3 strapping hand tool always delivers top performance.


BXT3-16 16mm Signode Automatic Friction Tool

This tool is designed to strap materials with polyester and polypropylene. It works with 16mm strapping and shows where the strap should go. The touch screen lets users adjust tool settings and see tension force and strap cycle progress. Customizing for individual needs is easy.


BXT3-19 19mm Signode Automatic Friction Tool

Top manufacturing plants in Europe provided input to create the newest BXT tools. This ensures that the BXT3 strapping hand tool always performs at the highest level in the industry.

The touch screen display on this friction weld tool allows users to easily adjust tool settings. Users can also see real-time information on strap alignment, tension force, and strap cycle completion. This product is a great choice to use with heavy-duty 19mm strapping.

Service and Rental of Battery Operated Strapping Tools

Maxpack provides a full service and rental of our battery strapping tools. We have all the spare parts you need.

We also have a team of service engineers. They can keep your battery-powered strapping tools working well. Contact the team at Maxpack for more details on our tool rental and maintenance.

Trusted Suppliers in the UK

As leading suppliers of battery banding tools in the UK, we offer a wide range of products from top brands. Whether you need tools for light-duty or industrial applications, we’ve got you covered. We design our battery-operated strapping machines to securely strap all kinds of packages for packaging.

Customers across the UK highly rate our battery operating banding machines. Read our reviews to understand why businesses trust our tools for their packaging needs. Discover the best battery strapping tools in the UK right here at Maxpack.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are battery strapping tools?

Battery strapping tools are portable devices that use batteries to secure packages and pallets with strapping material. You can easily use them and move them around.

How do battery-powered strapping tools work?

These tools use a rechargeable battery. The battery powers the mechanisms that tighten, seal, and cut straps on packages. This makes it easy and efficient to secure packages.

What are the benefits of using battery-operated strapping machines?

Benefits include increased efficiency, flexibility, reduced manual labour, and consistent strapping quality, making them ideal for various packaging applications.

What types of battery strapping tools are available for packaging?

Different types of strapping tools include battery-powered, cordless, and heavy-duty industrial tools.

How do I choose the best battery strapping machines for heavy duty packaging?

Consider packaging, tightening speed, strap width, battery life, weight, and user reviews when selecting a tool. Think about the packaging of the tool before making a decision.

What are the advantages of using industrial battery strapping equipment for packaging?

Industrial battery strapping tools provide robust performance, durability, and high tensioning capabilities, making them suitable for heavy-duty packaging operations.

What is the difference between battery-powered packaging tools and automatic strapping tools?

Battery-powered packaging tools are portable and run on batteries. Automatic strapping tools are usually stationary and made for fast, automated strapping. Both offer different benefits depending on the specific packaging requirements.