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Neil Plant

Neil Plant
26 October 2021

Paperble – The Alternative To Plastic Bubblewrap

Paperble™ is a fully compostable paper bubble wrap that provides adequate protection for a range of products whilst minimising harm to the environment. It is a high quality solution that is suitable for use in both industrial applications and high value, fragile retail products.

Paperble Paper Bubblewrap

We believe this innovative product will change the world for the better, reduce harmful plastic waste and make your products stand out from the crowd. It protects the products in transit, makes for an enjoyable opening experience and is easy to dispose of.

100% recyclable and compostable.

Protect High Value Small Bottles

Health And Beauty

Paperble™ is the ideal product to protect small bottles of beauty products, homeopathic medicines and wellbeing tablets.

Alternative to plastic bubble wrap

Cushioning For China And Glass

Crockery And Glassware

Paperble™ paper bubblewrap is a great way to show you care for your crockery and glassware. It protects plates, cups, bowls, jugs and glasses from scratches and damage in transit. The clean white 100% sustainable paper helps your products to stand out and supports your sustainability targets.

paperble paper bubblewrap

Keeping Food & Drink Safe

Oils, Wine, Spirits, Bottles And Jars

To help reduce single use plastic Paperble™ paper bubblewrap is perfect for wrapping bottles and jars. From Honey, Preserves and Pickles to Olive Oil, Wine and Whisky the clean white 100% sustainable paper helps your products to stand out and supports your environmental targets.

Protective Paper Packaging Wrap

Present your Presents

Gifts And Homewares

High quality gifts and homewares demand great protection and presentation. This doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment. Paperble™ paper bubblewrap is made from paper from a sustainable source and is a recyclable and compostable packaging solution. It also looks and makes your products look special with its clean white appearance and unique bubble profile.

Paperble paper bubblewrap alternative

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