Protective Foam Rolls

Foam rolls offer excellent protection and cushioning for your goods during storage or shipping. The foam rolls comes in a range of thicknesses making them suitable for a multitude of applications such as electronics, delicate crockery and furniture.

  • 1.5mm Foam Rolls

    1.5mm Foam Rolls

    4 Items | From £42.65 (ex VAT)

  • 1mm Foam Rolls

    1mm Foam Rolls

    5 Items | From £38.95 (ex VAT)

  • 2.5mm Foam Rolls

    2.5mm Foam Rolls

    4 Items | From £43.03 (ex VAT)

  • 4mm Foam Rolls

    4mm Foam Rolls

    4 Items | From £43.03 (ex VAT)



Foam Rolls

Foam is an ideal choice for protective packaging, offering a superb level of cushioning to your products during storage, transit, or shipping. Foam packaging can be bought and used in various forms, including foam rolls. High-impact foam provides extra protection when items are particularly delicate.

Foam rolls allow you to efficiently and safely deliver metal, glass, and ceramic goods of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for rolls of foam for sale, Maxpack can provide you with the best and most affordable solutions, with our small and large foam rolls offering a lightweight and compact packing solution. 

There is no need for a bulk or messy foam packaging system because, at Maxpack, we stock a diverse variety of foam rolls to ensure your system is as compact and discreet as possible. We also use 100% recyclable materials to provide our customers with a premium wrapping solution that’s also environmentally friendly.


Maxpack Foam Rolls

 At Maxpack, you can find different sizes of foam rolls for packing, including;

  • 1mm foam rolls
  • 1.5mm foam rolls
  • 2.5mm foam rolls
  • 4mm foam rolls

Maxpack’s versatile foam packaging solutions have been thoughtfully designed to protect your goods from damage or scratches during the storage or shipping process. Our foam rolls packaging material comes in a range of thicknesses too, making it an ideal choice for multiple applications.


Benefits of Foam Rolls from Maxpack

  • Easy to cut
  • Strong yet flexible
  • Shields your items from scratches, bumps and knocks
  • Moisture-resistant and non-abrasive 
  • Cost-effective packing solution that protects delicate and sensitive surfaces
  • Range of sizes and thicknesses available
  • Space-efficient foam rolls that protect your items from dust and dirt
  • Excellent cushioning and protective qualities

At Maxpack, we offer exceptional quality foam rolls for packing, ensuring they meet all your requirements and aspirations.