Strapping Tools & Dispenser

Range of hand strapping tools for tensioning, sealing and cutting strapping



Tools & Dispensers For Strapping

A wide range of materials can be used when it comes to strapping tools and dispensers. Strapping tools are innovatively designed to meet most packaging requirements, including tensioning, sealing, and cutting strapping. 

At Maxpack, you’ll find various strapping tools in our range, including manual strapping tools, hand strapping tools, poly strapping tools, metal strapping tools, and hand-held strapping tools. We use innovative techniques and high-quality materials to manufacture all our strapping tools and take pride in delivering exceptional quality packaging solutions at affordable rates.


Hand Strap Sealers (Corded Polyester Strapping Tools)

Our ergonomically designed polyester strapping tools are easy to operate by hand; simply feed the end of the strapping into the tool and apply tension using the handle. 


Hand Strap Tensioners

We offer an exclusive range of hand strap tensioners including strapping tensioners, steel strap tensioners, heavy-duty strapping tensioners and more. 


Hand Strapping Combination Tools

Our hand strapping combination tools are simple to operate and provide secure strapping with ease. At Maxpack, we stock several hand strapping tools, including the SPC16 STD PP Strap Combi Tool 16mm and SPC12 STD PP Strap Combi Tool 12mm. 


Battery Strapping Tools

We stock a wide variety of battery strapping tools to ensure we meet your requirements. Each product is ergonomically designed and comes complete with a new battery cover to increase longevity.


Benefits of Strapping Tools & Dispensers from Maxpack

  • Easy to train out and operate
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Quick access to your favourite strapping parts
  • Cost-effective

Contact the Maxpack team if you want further information about our strapping tools.