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Neil Plant

Neil Plant
25 April 2024

A Buyer’s Guide to Automated Pallet Wrap Machines

As UK manufacturing and distribution sectors pivot towards sustainability, the adoption of efficient and eco-friendly packaging solutions becomes crucial. Maxpack is at the forefront of this transition, offering a range of automated pallet wrap machines designed to not only boost efficiency but also reduce environmental impact. Here’s a detailed look at some sustainable options that cater specifically to the needs of these sectors, along with enhanced support services and a deeper dive into essential accessories.

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Robopac Ecoplat Plus Base

The Robopac Ecoplat Plus Base machine is perfect for businesses taking their first step towards automated, sustainable wrapping. This model is designed to minimise film usage while maximising stability and protection. It supports businesses in their efforts to reduce waste and increase recycling rates, essential aspects of sustainable operations. Its easy operation allows precise control of film usage, contributing to material savings and reduced environmental footprint.

Robopac - Rotoplat 708 PVS
Robopac Rotoplat 708 PVS

For operations that demand high efficiency and minimal waste, the Robopac Rotoplat 708 PVS offers an automated pre-stretch system that optimises film usage and ensures consistent wrapping. This machine is ideal for companies looking to enhance their operational sustainability through improved load containment and reduced material costs.

This machine is ideal for companies looking to enhance their operational sustainability through improved load containment and reduced material costs.

Neil Plant
Business Development Manager

Robopac Robot Master M80 FRD
Robopac Robot Master M80 FRD and S7 PVS

Both the Robopac Robot Master M80 FRD and Robopac Robot S7 PVS are mobile wrapping machines that provide flexibility in wrapping irregularly shaped or oversized loads, reducing the need for multiple packaging solutions and thus limiting resource waste. Their mobility reduces the energy required for traditional conveyor systems and allows for on-the-spot wrapping, further enhancing the sustainability of the packaging process.

Xtenser 5th Manual Mobile Stretchwrap
Xtenser 5th Manual Mobile Stretchwrap

The Xtenser 5th Manual Mobile Stretchwrap is an excellent choice for businesses not ready for full automation but looking to improve their sustainability profile. This manual solution offers significant improvements over hand wrapping, reducing film usage and improving ergonomics in the workplace.


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Supporting Accessories

Maxpack also provides essential accessories designed to maximise the functionality and sustainability of your operations:

  • Ramps: Facilitate easier loading and unloading of pallets, compatible with various models of pallet wrap machines.
  • Top Clamp: Ensures stability and safety of the load during the wrapping process, minimising the risk of damage and reducing waste.
  • Pit Frame: An installation option that helps integrate the machine into the warehouse floor, saving space and enhancing operational efficiency.

Weighing Scales: Crucial for accurate load management and compliance with shipping standards, these scales help ensure that each pallet is optimally secured and within the specified weight limits.

Service, Repairs, and Rental Packages

Understanding that equipment downtime can significantly impact your operations, Maxpack offers comprehensive service, repair, and maintenance packages to ensure your pallet wrapping machines are always in top condition. Whether you need routine servicing, emergency repairs, or even temporary machine rentals to handle peak loads, Maxpack has a flexible solution tailored to your needs.


Embracing sustainable packaging solutions is essential for UK manufacturers and distributors aiming to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining operational efficiency. Maxpack’s range of automated pallet wrap machines, accessories, and dedicated support services are designed to help your business achieve these goals.

Explore our sustainable packaging solutions and discover how we can help you transition to more efficient and environmentally friendly practices. 

Visit our product page or contact our expert team today for tailored advice and support.

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