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Neil Plant

Neil Plant
20 November 2023

NanoStretch™ Ocean Palletwrap with 30% Recycled Content

If you’re seeking sustainable methods to wrap your pallets, consider NanoStretch™ Ocean Palletwrap. This innovative product, containing 30% recycled content, is ideal for various products and journeys your pallets might undertake. NanoStretch™ Ocean Palletwrap is designed to enhance efficiencies, cut costs, and minimise plastic waste.

NanoStretch™ Ocean Palletwrap: Less Waste, More Sustainability

By combining NanoStretch™ Ocean Palletwrap, which features high technology polymers and 67 Layer co-extrusion, with a pre-stretch wrapping machine like the Robopack 708 LP, you can achieve significant waste reduction. This advanced film, around 40% thinner than conventional pallet wraps, still ensures greater holding and puncture strength. It’s a game-changer for businesses looking to reduce wrapping costs, improve pallet stability, and prepare for the forthcoming plastic tax.


Contains 30% Recycled Content
Fully recyclable 100% LLDPE
Reduces plastic waste by up to 60%
Increased load stability
Cuts wrapping costs by up to 50%

Experience NanoStretch™ Ocean Palletwrap: Request a Demo

Interested in seeing firsthand how NanoStretch™ Ocean Palletwrap can revolutionize your packaging process? We invite you to request an on-site or online demonstration. Our expert team is prepared to demonstrate the unique benefits and features of this innovative, eco-friendly product, tailored specifically to your needs.

Protecting Your Production

At Maxpack, our mission, ‘Protecting Your Production,’ underlines our ‘My Service Promise’ culture. We are dedicated to a deep understanding of customer needs, delivering substantial value in areas of Sustainability, Customisation, Systems, and Stock and Supply Chain Solutions.

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