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Katie Pumphrey

Katie Pumphrey
10 December 2022

How to: Wrap pallets using NanoStretch™ Ocean

This video will demonstrate how to use NanoStretch™ Ocean to wrap pallets using less single use plastic palletwrap.

Firstly, identify your stretchwrap machine and its stretch capabilities.

This standard machine doesn’t have geared rollers. That means that as we are using a 20 micron film the applied thickness is approximately 17 – 18 microns.

We have applied 3 wraps on the bottom, 2 at the top, and 2 more at the bottom. The result is that the holding force is around 15.2 kg, and the weight of film used is 509g.

This Robopack 708 LP can stretch up to 400%, taking 1 metre of film off the roll and stretching it to a maximum of 5 metres of applied film.

Ryan Leader
Business Development Manager

Select an appropriate NanoStretch™ Ocean film for your pallet. Maxpack work closely with our customers to identify the right film.

Optimise the machine settings for the correct NanoStretch™ Ocean film type and the pallet you are wrapping.

Record and fix the settings for consistent wrapping performance, load stability, and optimised film usage.

We are using 12 micron NanoStretch™ Ocean film which can stretch to 350% and still outperform much thicker films holding power. This means that the applied thickness of film will be around 4 microns: around 25% thickness of the standard film that we used previously.

Tension between the pallet and rollers can also be controlled. Combined with the power prestretch between the rollers we aim to achieve the full stretch of around 350%.

This pallet wrapped again using the same wrapping cycles and table speed but with NanoStretch™ Ocean film and the Robopack 708 LP this load has a holding force of 16.5 kg – using thinner film yet achieving greater load security.

Next weigh the results and be proud of what you have achieved! The amount of film used to wrap this pallet was 104g – a reduction of over 79%!

If we wrap on average 200 pallets a day that’s a saving of roughly 20 tonnes of single-use plastic per year – also saving around £40,000!


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