Industrial Packaging

Packaging for the UK's manufacturing, distribution and fulfilment sectors.

Our overall vision is to provide Industrial Packaging Customisation, Packaging Systems and Stock Management. Maximise cost savings. Eliminate out of stock panics. Reduce waste. Protect the environment. Release space. Minimise Downtime and increase packer productivity.


An in-depth review of your company’s packing process. Discovering what to change and what to improve.


Comprehensive advice from industry leading experts who are familiar with current and upcoming regulations, upcoming regulations.


Implemented action plans with goals and objectives to make your company more environmentally sustainable

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Industrial Packaging

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We continue to evolve our services and drive innovation so that we lead the way in supplying the UK’s manufacturing, distribution and fulfilment sectors.

The UK’s industrial and manufacturing have a unique requirement for packaging. They require a diverse range of products from the different categories of packaging including Cardboard Boxes & Sheets, Timber & Pallets, Tapes & Adhesives, Palletwrap & Containment, Cushioning & Voidfill, Protective Wrapping, Strapping & Load Security, Polythene Film & Bags, Labelling, Workwear & Site Safety and Cleaning & Hygiene Products.

Many of our industrial clients have a list of more than fifty product sku’s and they often benefit from many of our services including on-site stock management, consignment stock,bespoke and special products, stock holding and scheduled deliveries. This means that our industrial manufacturing clients can focus on what they do well whilst we look after their packaging requirements.

P.C. Net™

Reusable Pallet Containment Nets

A re-usable and robust method of securing your product onto pallets, removing the need for plastic based pallet wrap.

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Working to ensure packaging becomes more environmentally sustainable through paper packaging, eco-friendly packaging, reusable packaging and plastic alternatives. Reduce waste, increase recycling.


100% Recyclable Paper Strapping

Strap, bundle and secure parcels and products in an environmentally friendly way with PaperStrap™.

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