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Russell Plant

Russell Plant
15 June 2022

Packaging Stock & Supply Services at Maxpack

Maxpack offer a complete stock management system to help you reduce the amount of packaging you have to store and to reduce costs. Delivered next day to our customers in the region; on all orders placed by 3.30pm.

Stock and Serve

We have thousands of pallets of standard and bespoke packaging products in our storage facilities from which we service our regional clients and our national accounts with DFSM (Drip Feed Stock management) Stock and supply and stock and serve. We work with our customers to agree weekly usage forecasts, re-order levels and replenishment schedules. This means that we can supply product to where you need it right when you it.

There are no production lead time risks, last minute supply chain issues, stock outs and line stoppages because we’re close by with packaging products in stock, on the shelf. We also offer to manage the packaging stock on site with regular stock check visits and replenishment deliveries. Consignment stock is also available to help you reduce your packaging inventory value and reduce stock outs and out of stock panics.


Product Range

We have a complete range of packaging and other industrial consumables including; Cardboard Boxes and Sheets, Timber Packaging and Pallets, Packaging Tapes and Adhesives, Pallet Wrap and Pallet Containment, Cushioning and Voidfill, Protective Wrapping, Strapping and Load Security, Polythene Film and Bags, Labels and Labellers, Post and Packing Equipment and Consumables, Workwear and Site Safety Product and Cleaning and Hygiene products. These products are shown comprehensively on our website and in our Regional Product Book.


Customised and Bespoke

Many of our customers require packaging that is unique to them. Packaging made to fit around their product. Packaging printed with their logo or brand name on. Packaging printed with instructions on. Shelf ready packaging that stands out from the competitors. We help with packaging design, artwork and prototypes or samples and together with our customers we develop a protective packaging that can be supplied from stock alongside the requirements for standard packaging like cardboard boxes, tape and pallet wrap so that you can single source your packaging, cut down on multiple suppliers, consolidate your supply chain and reduce the number of deliveries arriving at goods in.


Our New DYSS X5 Digital Cutter

With our DYSS X5 digital cutter we can handle everything your packaging or point of sale product needs. From prototyping and sample making to short or medium production runs our X5 digital cutter will do it all. Looking for customisation?

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DYSS X5 Digital Cutter

For prototyping, sample making and short/medium production runs.

With our DYSS X5 digital cutter we can handle everything your packaging or point of sale product needs. From prototyping and sample making to short or medium production runs our X5 digital cutter will do it all. First of all, these machines are made to be robust and reliable, furthermore we get extremely high quality results thanks to the superior South Korean engineering.

The DYSS X5 digital cutters come with versatile tooling to suit all common packaging materials. With the X5 we can process folding carton boxboard, corrugated up to triple wall, display board, PETG, PP, polyethylene foam, and more. Also we can even cut structural honeycomb boards, Kappa foam boards, textiles, and paper along with many other materials.


Next Day Delivery

To our customers in the region; The West Midlands, The North West and North Wales we offer a next day delivery service on all orders placed by 3.30pm. We have a fleet of trucks and a great team of delivery drivers committed to helping you Protect Your Production with a great supply chain solution of stock packaging products, bespoke and customised packaging and other industrial consumables.

Online & Onsite Packaging Demonstrations

If you see an innovative product from our range we can provide you with a demonstration tailored to your application. We can do that from our demo centre at our head office online or one of our packaging specialists can visit you and provide you with a demo onsite.

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