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Neil Plant

Neil Plant
24 May 2022

Transition To Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging innovations are of interest to everyone involved in manufacturing, contract packing and ecommerce fulfilment. In every business sector we need to integrate sustainability into our strategy. We have to act. However, change is a challenge. It requires knowledge and experience to make it happen. We promise to support.

Paper Strapping A Direct Replacement For Plastic Strapping


PaperStrap paper strapping is an ideal alternative to plastic strapping. PaperStrap is made from sustainably sourced paper and can be used with a friction weld automatic hand tool to quickly and easily secure your products to the pallet. It is also ideal when used with a cardboard pallet box to contain and protect products on a pallet.



The STB 71 strapping tool is designed for light duty strapping applications with a variable tensioning speed of up to 290mm/s, which has been proven to increase production uptime. The STB 71 is ideally suited to using 9mm or 13mm PaperStrap, polypropylene or polyester strapping. It is particularly well suited to the PaperStrap as it has a ‘soft’ auto function great for consistent, controlled, secure strapping and sealing cycles.



The P.C. Net™ reusable pallet nets are a pallet containment solution that is an alternative to plastic pallet wrap. We have a range of reusable pallet nets to secure palletised goods that can be used many times over to reduce or eliminate the use of single use plastic. These nets are a reusable pallet wrap that are easy to apply and can be opened to pick from and easily taken off the pallet to be stored for reuse. Ideal for internal pallet movements and for use in closed loop operations, saving considerable amounts of unnecessary single-use plastic.



The PalletPal reusable load straps reduces waste in the supply chain when securing products on a pallet for storage or in transit. They are quick and easy to apply with a width and length to suit most applications. PalletPal reusable pallet straps provide a safe reliable option and can be used on many different pallet loads and in all environments due to their flexibility and tough construction.

Geami Wrap ‘n Go

Geami Wrap N Go

Effective wrapping is essential to avoid scratches, surface abrasions and minor handling incidents. The patented Geami solutions convert environmentally friendly paper into packaging that protects against damages. You can choose die-cut paper on its own, or combine it with soft tissue interleaf paper. Either way, the Geami Wrap ’n Go™ converter gives you a unique and sustainable wrapping solution for your products.

Paperble Sheets-150


Paperble™ paper bubblewrap is the ideal product to protect small bottles of beauty products, homeopathic medicines and wellbeing tablets. Is is also a great way to show you care for your crockery and glassware. It protects plates, cups, bowls, jugs and glasses from scratches and damage in transit. The clean white 100% sustainable paper helps your products to stand out and supports your sustainability targets.

Nano Stretch Savings


The range of NanoStretch™ pallet wrap films uses high technology polymers and up to 67 layer co-extrusion so that you can achieve greater holding and puncture strength with films that are around 40 % thinner. When combined with a pre-stretch wrapping machine like the Robopack 708 LP savings of over 50% can comfortably be achieved. To combat the rising costs of stretchfilm and to offset the forthcoming plastic tax, the change to NanoStretch™ is increasingly compelling.


RoboPack 708

Rotoplat 708 PVS is a powerful wrapping machine by Robopac. The wrapping machine is equipped with a wrapping unit PVS-motorized pre stretching system with two independent engines and two cylinders that rotate at different speeds. The stretch ratio is adjustable from 150% up to 400%.

Since 1996 we have innovated with key packaging products to reduce the impact on the environment.

The cost to the consumer and cost to the environment is a major factor when we are developing new products. The result is packaging that helps the world’s leading companies improve their environmental, ethical and social impact.

Together, Let's
Make Packaging

Research & Development

Spherical approach to the needs of the customer, journey of the product and the sustainability of the material.


We need to find ways to reduce the amount of single use plastics that are disposed of each day across the UK.


Where possible, look to extend the life
of packaging your by utilising returnable and re-usable products.


Find an alternative product produced from sustainable raw materials that are compostable or recyclable.


Change is a challenge. It requires knowledge and experience to make it happen. We promise to support.


Protecting your production has always been at the heart of the Maxpack name.

In 1976, Edwin Maxim launched his family’s firm providing bespoke framing services to retailers, photographers, interior designers and fine art publishers. In 1996 Maxpack, with the vision of providing the retail industry with packaging consumables, was born out of that original family business.

Today, we continue to evolve our services and focus on how we can best supply British Industry with optimal packaging solutions and systems. Reduce waste. Protect the environment. Maximise cost savings. Eliminate out of stock panics. Release space. Minimise downtime and increase productivity of the packer.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.
The Maxpack Team

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