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Graham Welsby

Graham Welsby
8 September 2020

A Fully Customised Maxpack DFSM Supply System

Implementing the correct solutions can have a wide variety of benefits when it comes to stock management and storage. A long established injection moulding company recently came to us with an issue they were having. Their ordering process for packaging meant that they had to take in large volumes of boxes from one of their manufacturers and lead time confusions often caught them out, resulting in a lack of packaging to send products out.

When they approached us, we immediately got to work by discovering any and all packaging problems that were present and identified those that weren’t yet obvious.

Bespoke Corrugated Designs by Maxpack
Bespoke Corrugated Design by Maxpack
After identifying the problems that were present, we set out with a fully customised Maxpack DFSM supply system.

Our design team worked with them to create bespoke packaging and we have them available for next day delivery. We combined this with an automatic packaging reordering system that ensures Maxpack stock levels trigger an order whenever they get to a certain level ensuring that production never ceases because of a packaging issue.

By setting up the Maxpack DFSM supply solution we dramatically reduced the company’s packaging stockholding freeing up space in their warehouses for their own products. An integrated supply agreement and system guarantees peace of mind when it comes to not running out of packaging.

Multi-Site Stock Management allows clients to redefine how they approach stock holdings and orderings - Minimising on-site stock whilst ensuring there are no out-of-stock panics.

Russ Maxim
Managing Director

Our team always look for the best solution for your company.

Our plans and solutions are tailor made to benefit your business and work with you to find the best resolution. If you’ve found issues with your ordering, stockholding or even packaging systems then get in touch today to talk about how our Maxpack DFSM supply solutions could be the way forward for your company:

Sales & Support: 01743 242900


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