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EcoTEK™ Extra-long, Ergonomic Hand Taping System

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Our taping system gives you 2.27 x more tape per roll, increasing your efficiency while promoting sustainability.

The EcoTEK™ Ocean packing tape contains 30% recycled content and has a range of features that are designed to increase usability and reduce costs. Its small 1″ core means you get a longer roll, more tape per box, greater value for money and reduced wastage.


Extra-long 150m Roll on Tiny 1″ Core

2.27x more tape per roll, reducing carbon footprint
Less roll changes, less downtime
30% recycled content, cutting waste to landfill
Sustainable water-based adhesive
56% Less cardboard waste

Ergonomic Quiet Hand Dispenser

Comfy grip handle for reduced operator strain
Retracting blade, reducing injury risk
Silencer bar for improved dispensing and less noise
Unbreakable flap for durability
Bright orange for high visibility

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The Extra-long, Ergonomic Hand Taping System

Are you looking for a sustainable and efficient taping solution? EcoTEK™ is the answer. Designed with manufacturers and distributors in mind.

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