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Katie Pumphrey

Katie Pumphrey
20 June 2023

EcoTEK™: Extra-long, Ergonomic, Hand Taping System

At Maxpack, we’re constantly seeking inventive solutions that enhance the efficiency of our packaging systems whilst simultaneously having a positive impact on our environment. This ethos is perfectly embodied in the introduction of EcoTEK™, an extra-long, ergonomic, hand taping system that sets a new standard for sustainable taping solutions.

When choosing EcoTEK™, you’re investing in a taping system that combines sustainability and efficiency. Each roll of tape within our system provides a generous 150 metres of adhesive wrapped around a compact 25mm core. This extraordinary length results in fewer roll changes, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Moreover, this extra-long roll means you can store 2.27 times more tape in the same space, helping you decrease your carbon footprint considerably. EcoTEK™ isn’t just a packaging solution; it’s a testament to Maxpack’s commitment to creating a greener world.

EcoTEK- Discover a Better Way to Tape-1
EcoTEK- Discover a Better Way to Tape 2
Crafted with Care for a Greener World

Each EcoTEK™ tape boasts 30% recycled content, making your adhesive tasks more eco-friendly. This reduces plastic sent to landfill and aids in conserving the environment. Moreover, our water-based adhesive is a more sustainable alternative, taking us one step closer to a more sustainable future.

Designed for Efficiency and Durability

With EcoTEK™, we have engineered efficiency into every aspect of the design. The quiet ergonomic hand dispenser has a comfy grip handle that significantly reduces operator strain, ensuring seamless operations over extended periods.

The dispenser also features a retracting blade that dramatically reduces the risk of injury during use. A silencer bar improves tape dispensing and makes less noise, ensuring a pleasant, efficient packaging process.

Finally, the robust unbreakable flap ensures the dispenser’s longevity. This feature, coupled with the longer tape roll, ensures durability and reduces the need for frequent replacements, minimising waste and making EcoTEK™ a reliable, long-term investment.

Embrace the power of green packaging with Maxpack's EcoTEK™, and join us in our journey towards a better way to tape.

Katie Pumphrey
Category Specialist

Choose EcoTEK™: A Blend of Sustainability and Performance

In conclusion, the EcoTEK™ Extra-long, Ergonomic Hand Taping System, focusing on sustainability and efficiency, is the new standard in sustainable taping solutions. This isn’t just about making your packaging process more efficient and consciously reducing the environmental impact.

So, choose EcoTEK™ today, the perfect blend of sustainability and performance. Let’s work together to make taping more sustainable. Embrace the power of green packaging with Maxpack’s EcoTEK™, and join us in our journey towards a better way to tape.

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