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Neil Plant

Neil Plant
4 July 2023

EcoTEK™: Packaging with Sustainable Tape

At Maxpack, we always look for innovative solutions that enhance the efficiency of our packaging systems and contribute positively to our environment. With this ethos at the forefront of our minds, we are thrilled to introduce the EcoTEK™ Extra-long, Ergonomic Hand Taping System – a product that exemplifies our commitment to sustainable solutions without compromising performance.

The Power of Extra-Long Tape

With the EcoTEK™ hand-taping system, you are provided with a staggering 150 metres of tape on a tiny 1″ core. This is not just a packaging solution; it’s a game-changer. The extra length means fewer roll changes, leading to significantly reduced downtime. The additional size equates to having 2.27 times more tape in the same space, substantially decreasing the carbon footprint.

This isn’t solely about improving efficiency; it’s about making a tangible contribution to a greener world. The tape also includes 30% recycled content, actively helping to cut down on plastic sent to landfill. In addition to this, our tape utilises a water-based adhesive, making it more sustainable and friendly for our planet.

Ergonomic Design for Increased Efficiency

To maximise productivity and ensure safety, the EcoTEK™ system has an ergonomic quiet hand dispenser designed to make the packaging process more comfortable and less strenuous. It has a comfy grip handle, significantly reducing operator strain and ensuring a smooth workflow.

The dispenser also features a retracting blade, considerably reducing the risk of injury during use. Safety is our priority, and with the EcoTEK™ system, we ensure that efficiency and security go hand in hand.

But that’s not all. The dispenser also has a silencer bar for improved tape dispensing and notably less noise, making the packaging process more efficient and pleasant. In addition, the unbreakable flap ensures the longevity of the dispenser, making it a reliable, long-term investment.

Embrace the power of green packaging with Maxpack's EcoTEK™, and join us in our journey towards a more sustainable world.

Neil Plant
Business Development


At Maxpack, we believe in delivering quality and sustainable solutions. The EcoTEK™ Extra-long, Ergonomic Hand Taping System is our latest offering that continues to uphold our commitment. Not only does it provide efficiency and safety in the packaging process, but it also consciously reduces the environmental impact.

The EcoTEK™ system is more than just a packaging solution; it’s a testament to our dedication towards an efficient and sustainable future.

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