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Steve Maxim
26 June 2023

The Top Five Reasons to Switch EcoTEK™

At Maxpack, we’re setting a new benchmark for sustainable taping solutions by introducing our innovative product, EcoTEK™. We’re transforming the world of packaging one tape at a time, and here are the top five reasons why you should be part of this revolutionary journey:

1. A Pioneering Blend of Sustainability and Efficiency

Choosing EcoTEK is not just selecting a taping system – it’s endorsing a commitment to environmental responsibility and operational efficiency. Our ingenious design accommodates 150 metres of adhesive on a compact 25mm core, reducing the need for frequent roll changes and enhancing productivity.

2. Commitment to Reducing Carbon Footprint

Our innovative extra-long roll design allows you to store 2.27 times more tape in the same space. This optimises your storage space and significantly reduces your carbon footprint. By opting for EcoTEK, you’re making a proactive step towards curbing global carbon emissions and embracing a greener future.

Every roll of EcoTEK™ tape incorporates 30% recycled content.

Neil Plant
Business Development Manager

3. Investment in a Greener Tomorrow

Every roll of EcoTEK tape incorporates 30% recycled content. By choosing EcoTEK, you’re aiding in repurposing recycled materials and reducing the volume of plastic sent to landfills. Furthermore, our water-based adhesive offers a more sustainable alternative that’s kinder to our planet.

4. Engineered for Enhanced Efficiency and Safety

EcoTEK isn’t just about sustainability; it’s about improving the efficiency and safety of your packaging processes. Our ergonomically designed hand dispenser minimises operator strain, making packaging tasks more comfortable. Features such as a retracting blade and a silencer bar for quieter tape dispensing make the process safer and more pleasant.

5. Assurance of Longevity and Reliability

The EcoTEK hand dispenser is designed to last. With an unbreakable flap and robust construction, the dispenser will withstand time, minimising waste and providing a reliable solution for your long-term packaging needs.

In conclusion, the EcoTEK™ Extra-long, Ergonomic Hand Taping System is a testament to our dedication to creating sustainable and efficient packaging solutions. It offers tangible benefits while enabling you and your business to contribute meaningfully to protecting our planet. Choose EcoTEK™, and join us in crafting a better, greener future for taping.


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